Online Games And Children’s Lives

(Areej Ahmed Sheikh, )

It’s way common that today’s generation is incordinately addictive to social media and online games. The extreme desire to find entertainment in social media has brought numerous effects on their health. As the social media and online game have seemed to be great cause of children’s physical and mental illness.

Let’s make a perspective from now a days, due to lockdown, everyone’s regular routine has been disturbed. Children’s physical activities has been terminated, they neither go to school nor go outside for any playing activity, sports. As being at home free they get to engulf themselves in mobile phone which is a tremendous source of enjoyment for every human being, so why do they sacrifice ?

It’s ok if the use of social media is related to the passing of time, but it could be injurious too if the child has become curious of it. It could be dangerous! Parents feel worried for their child, they are afraid of their child’s future destruction. The tied knot of child with social media and online games has made him/her too sensitive. The only perplexation that can be grown in their mind would be about their addition (social media and games) only. It’s piteous for parents seeing their child unconscious as well as unaware about his own health and education. Social media influences one’s mental health too, as it is a great cause of anxiety, stress and depression.

World health organization (WHO) claimed that the obsession of online games is a mental disease. Medical experts believe that almost all the games do not cause harm to the bulk of people but the addicted ones should get themselves treated, must. Where as the video game industry.

According to one research 57% teenagers get blackmailed and tortured during game. 22% people left off the habit of playing online games after being intimated and frightened. Teenagers after being defeated in the game prefer suicide which is a foremost effect rather than all the lost.

Apparently, government should take action and ban the online games over the teenagers of age less than 20 years. This would be a peaceful prevention of children’s from online games and it’s destruction.


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