Sadhguru, Other profile of, “The hidden power of Triangle”

(Muhammad Rafique Etesame, Ahmedpureast)

Sadhguru (Jaggi Vasudev ) is a famous Indian swami and ugi, who has been teaching yoga in southern India since 1982, and after in 1992, he established Isha Foundation near Coimbatore, which runs an ashram, hosts a yoga centre.

Sadhguru often comes on social media and expresses his views on various topics comprising spirituality, education, and the environment. A few days ago, his video namely “
Sadhguru Reveals the Hidden Power of the Triangle” appeared on youtube ( ) in which he discloses the hidden power and secrets behind the triangle of human body and also of the buildings and other things made in the shape of triangle etc.

I agree to his thoughts but I want to disclose here about another unique triangle of human being that is his “life triangle” and that he never comes out of it in his whole life.

As the picture of a triangle in this article shows that the people pass their lives remaining within the three wishes i.e. eating, drinking and fulfilling their sexual desire.

Routine life of man goes on as: the people get up early in the morning, and after relieving from their needs, they have breakfast, and then go to their daily work, business or services etc. And at evening, they return back to their homes and have dinner while some people go to hotels or to other places for entertainment. After returning back, they go to their beds. And the married couples fulfill their sexual desires and then after passing night, again it is morning and this process sets in motion from a new.

This is mankind’s life triangle that he/she never comes out of it. He strives to have best accommodation, to arrange delicious and healthy food and to marry to a beautiful spouse; and this is the goal of his life.

Now I come to the point, Allah Almighty has never created man only for eating, drinking or to fulfill his natural wishes like the beasts, but He has created man for a particular purpose i.e. to worship of Him. And as regards man’s sustenance and other needs of life, so Allah Almighty Himself is responsible for them as the holy Qur’an reveals,” I created the jinn and humankind only that they might worship Me, I seek no livelihood from them, nor do I ask that they should feed Me. Lo! Allah ! He is that gives livelihood, the Lord of Unbreakable might” (Az-Zaryat: 58).

These verses reveal that Allah alone is responsible for man’s all needs of life including his sustenance, and he has been created only for to worship of his Lord. And the worship means here to act upon all of His commands according to the good example of the holy Prophet Mohammad PBUH. Because some of the followers of the Hinduism say that we also do worship of Allah the Aishwar, but you call Him Raheem and we call Him Ram or Rama?

The main idea of this article is that, the man should come out of his “life triangle” and besides eating drinking and fulfilling his other natural necessities; he/she should also think something more, i.e. about to make better his worldly life and also the life of the Hereafter. Because only the religion of Islam gives guarantee of the Salvation and the success of this world and also of the life of after death.

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