Women harassment

(Maryam, Karachi)

Women are harassed in Offices, in Universities, in Colleges, in Schools and even in hospitals, and now women are not allowed to step out from their home specially at night, why? Because, now this time is for men, they are authorized to go outdoor, they are permitted to gaze at women, it is necessary to perceive to women uncomfortable. It has become a tradition of our culture. By the time men are becoming monster, so what women should do? While, they are dying they should stay at home because there are some barbarian who stare for women or girls to bother them, and if some of them get chance then they attempt rape against women. Of course, all men are not equal, as all fingers are not same. They are giving respect to women and paradoxically, some of the men are feminist (working for women rights), they are with women in protest when any crimes or violence happen against women. However, according to Gulf News “crimes against women and children are increased 200% in January-March”. Most of the people assumed that girls are also responsible for harassed by males through wearing tight jeans and short shirts but the point is that is men has rights to judge women and girls. Obviously, man does not have powers to observe women. But, if they are punished by the court so the rate of crimes against women might be decrease or end. The court should announce strict punishment to them just not hang them, rather dangle them for a week in the street. This is a way to stop crimes opposed to women.

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