We Are Murderers , We Murder Humanity?

(Sadia Ijaz Hussain, Lahore,University of Education)
Nobody wants to live a life of abuse so why we are making other's to live a life of abuse ? I am talking about our transgender community , we look them with disgusting thoughts , we don't allow them to live life of human beings , we don't show our humanity to them so why do we ask them not be like the way they are??
Oops !How virtuous we are even angles want to protect themselves from us ...

We are unjust with humans like us just because of their genders , just because Allah Almighty made them like that , how can we think badly for others ?WE made other's lives hell just for making our lives heaven isn't it unjust ? In the society even trans genders are not safe ,our ugly mentality leads them to lead a life of abuse , they indulged in wrong life just because of us don't forget spectators are us we demand , they show! We harass them so they want to sell themselves for fulfil their needs of life because we don't show them any other way ,we block the paths of nobility for them .
Lamenting figure of society is that they become sinner and those who are the reason behind the sin are known as noble persons in our society ! We cause suffocation while they want to respire ...We are murderer indeed !

If you have any doubt then
Wait for a second and think !
Is any transgender your friend of worth ? Isn't you maintain a distance whenever you see a transgender ??
We just shame on us ,how dirty people we are, how dirty mentality we have , Trans genders are humans ,they need our positive attitude ,they need our attention ,they need our acceptance but we think that they are the black spot for us but let me tell you, they are not but us who think like that ..

The black spot are those parents who let the trans genders to separate from themselves, who cut off their relations with them, who didn't tell them how rare they are! who didn't tell them how bless full their existence is, who didn't tell them that their existence is by Allah and Allah's creature is always beautiful , who left them to meet the garbage ..
Question those parents , question those relations , question that society because they are the real black spot who became the reason of destruction , they are responsible , they have to give answer .
But where are they?Alas! Nobody knows , Nobody question!

We need to accept the trans genders instead of insult them. After watching series of Julie, I felt so ashamed ,it broke my heart because what she portraits in her interviews, is the actual dirty mindset of our society ..I know that this mindset of society will never change but we can start this change from us , stop making fun of them , stop using them , stop abusing them ..
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