Importance of Dams in Pakistan

(Saif Ur Rehman, karachi)

Importance of dam in Pakistan.
1. Pakistan is a country which is depended on water.
2. In Pakistan 20 million out of 70.6 million hectares are available for agriculture and 16 million depend on irrigation.
3. It is estimated that up to 90% of Pakistani agriculture depend on irrigation.
4. Mini industries are agro based on water.
5. Main irrigation canal is 45 which has extended up to 40000 miles.
6. Dam produce electricity at the constant rate with the help of hydroelectricity and hydroelectric power.

Total dams in Pakistan.
According to the International commission on dam. 150 dams and reservoiurs in Pakistan over 15 (49 m) in height.
Tarbela dam is the largest Earth filled dam in the world and the time is the second largest by structural volume.

Tarbela Dam.
1. It is the first and the format foremost in famous dam of Pakistan.
2. It is the largest Earth filled temp in the world.
3. It is situated on the Indus river which is second largest in structure volume.
4. It is 140 3.26 metre or 470 feet in height and 2743.2 metre or 9,000 feet in length.
5. Total capacity is 13.6 9 cubic kilometre.

Warsak Dam.
1. WhatsApp time is located on Kabul river in Peshawar.
First company to major places first computer in 1960 and second is completed in 1980 to 81.
2. Total height is 76.2 metre or 250 feet in length is 140.2 or 460 feets.
3. Construction budget is 156 million Pakistani rupees.
4. WhatsApp time produce 243 megawatt electricity.

Mirani Dam.
1. mirani Dam was built from 2006 to 2008 with the cost of 5268 million Pakistani rupees.
2. Mirane dam considered to be the longest train in the world in the term of volume for flood protection.
3. Total height of mirani dam is 39 or 127 feet at total length is 1023 mm 350 feets.
4. Total capacity having flood stroke of 588690 cubic hectometers.

Khanpur Dam.

1. Khanpur Dam was completed in 1883 after 15 year construction period.
2. Total height of khanpur time is 167 feeds or metre and store 110000 acre-feets.

Hub Dam.
1. In the hub time the total storage capacity of water is 85700 acre-feets.
2. Main source of water for Karachi city.
3. Total area of half time is 27219 hectares.

Diamar Basha Dam.
1. Main purpose of the diamar basha dam is water storage irrigation and electricity.
2. Number of trees around the dam will be increase so global climate change will be decrase.
3. It will be produce 4500 megawatt electricity by harnessing the water..

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