(Shah Nawaz Bokhari, Rawalpindi)

Unfortunately, some incidents i.e, (rape cases) has been occurred in Pakistan which is not being tolerated in any manner. And such serial of incidents would happen continuously in various parts of the cities. Some miscreants have involved these type of activities. That moment is very painful for us. The life of women and children is not safe in Pakistan. Our moral values has been destroy through different Cast or sect division. Until, we should not united on one page, we cannot fight against Rapist or miscreants. Even our courts cannot punished the offenders. Our faith’s, unity and discipline are scattered in many divisions. It is very painful movement in our daily life. The hundreds of children and women rape in a year. Unfortunately, we cannot wake up to improve our social values and moral character. The Jews lobby would try to destroy our moral norms in our society in some extent they have succeeded. We cannot adhere the principles of Muhammad (last Prophet) (peace be upon him) even regretted, the message which reveal by Allah Almighty.

The motor way gang rape is in our front. Even hundreds of cases has been occurred in Pakistan which is embarrassing moment specially, for Muslims Community. It is ashamed for us. It is crystal clear our social and Islamic norms are being laying on death bed. Our social and moral values is on ventilators. No one think about it. It is a dilemma in our society. Our relent efforts to making properties, money and shine business, how we improve our living standards, but we regretted to intent to improve ethics. It is pertinent to mentioned here that we have reached in the last stage of burial of our social values and faith in own hands. No body, tell us what are you doing so on. Please, wake up from the beds and play your dual role even fight with miscreants.

Sorry to say that, our religious scholars has not been role model for us. Even the role of Ulma is useless for the society.There various reason behind in it. It is very desperately rising slogan free society from miscreants. Even using iron hands to stop such incidents. No one guide us on proper way. We are living like a animal or beats. Unfortunately, we are adopting of own rule of ethics and mannerism in our daily life style. We are educate but not follow the Islamic principles even not adopted the rules of ethics to practices in our daily life.

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