Husband & Wife

(khushi, karachi)

Beautiful Relation

assalam ua alikum
i want to discuss about marriages in our society .marriage is most important thing and relation to this relation we have to do more compromise and patients .others relations is different from this . husband should protect his wife children and his home. today we saw many problems in this beautiful relation.because of lack of education, lack of knowledge of islamic rules, lack of patients, lack of more other things which i can tell you perfectly. mistakes happens both of side not only one.wife's behaviour is very doing dangerous role in relation because today womens is more have a power and education .this is good thing but when she marriage someone she should want all difficult things from her husband . after some years they are realizing our mistakes and do very difficult to live eachother,they dont realize about future of his child .child have a many issues after parents divorce. i must say people should behave good in any relation which can be brothers sisters, parents child, .people should have good behaviour like good mankind. this is very important thing your character your patients your apologizes . dont waste time . dont lost your beloved relations and people by your own mistakes.

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