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The impact of science on individuals' lives is developing. While ongoing advantages to humankind are unrivaled throughout the entire existence of the human species, in certain cases the effect has been unsafe or the drawn out impacts give foundations for genuine concerns. An impressive proportion of public question of science and dread of innovation exists today. To some extent, this stems from the conviction by certain people and networks that they will be the ones to endure the backhanded antagonistic outcomes of specialized developments acquainted with advantage just a favored minority. The intensity of science to achieve change puts an obligation on researchers to continue with extraordinary alert both in what they do and what they state. Researchers ought to ponder the social outcomes of the innovative applications or scattering of fractional data of their work and disclose to people in general and strategy creators the same the level of logical vulnerability or inadequacy in their discoveries. Simultaneously, however, they ought not spare a moment to completely abuse the prescient intensity of science, appropriately qualified, to assist individuals with adapting to ecological change, particularly in instances of direct dangers like cataclysmic events or water deficiencies.

The current pattern toward privatization in numerous nations is impacting the concentration and practice of science. While in certain cases the net outcome might be to expand research limit and information in chose regions, there is significant worry that the pattern might be sabotaging public-area science, particularly key examination and endeavors to take care of socially significant issues inconsequential to business ventures. Patent assurance of private licensed innovation, for instance, makes the activity of public examination more troublesome. There is additionally worry over the social ramifications of private possession and control of innovation, and its impact on wide open logical education, and on choices for public decision.

Another significant pattern molding science is globalization. The finish of the Virus War, developing innovation request from rising economies, world acknowledgment of the interconnectedness of the planet's biophysical frameworks and improved correspondences, particularly through the Web - every one of these powers are boosting cross-fringe logical participation and data trade between singular analysts, organizations and governments. In any case, a great part of the extension is happening in only a modest bunch of logically progressed nations. For science to be really worldwide, more exertion is expected to guarantee all nations, rich and poor, and a wide scope of world societies are remembered for synergistic exploration and innovation move. This is particularly significant in regions like worldwide environmental change which will influence, at some point or another, every individual. With the correct strategies set up, joint logical work in basic regions.

Religion plans ahead, offering a dream of another sort of society. It provokes individuals to think, envision, and make a superior future for everybody, not only for themselves.

Religion embraces current circumstances: It urges individuals to experience their most noteworthy convictions and standards. Religions urges others to be advocates for acceptable and for those without power. This incorporates being an ethical voice in the public eye, testing bad form and different parts of the way of life varying. It accept demonstrating regard for what is distinctive without saying that each thought, conviction or conduct is of equivalent worth.

Religions endeavor to gain from an earlier time. They ought to likewise tune in to society and exchange with it. They perceive that progress is definitely not a single direction road. No religion is great; no culture or society is great. Just God is great.

individuals without adequate knowledge convey no strict duty, strict conduct not founded on unreservedly settled on decision has no worth. Strict conduct not founded on free decision however made with different counts or under tension has no worth at all in Allah's essence. Therefore, being a true and solid adherent of religion relies above all else upon being an individual of sound will and solid character.

It is called attention to in the definition that religion itself brings goodness and satisfaction. This circumstance may have all the earmarks of being in opposition to the overall decisions on religion of individuals who see religion just as contained obligations and subsequently as restricting and determinative. Here an issue that ought not be neglected is that on subjects which surpass the psychological and profound limit of man and are past his view, the determinative definitions originating from Allah's quality are acceptable in light of the fact that they keep man from falling into mistake which is sure regarding these matters. Furthermore, notwithstanding "useful" decisions giving information, the "helpful" decisions setting down guidelines as to the working of a human's life are useful for man in numerous regards.

Inside this system, man is educated regarding decides that must be found by experimentation without an awesome guide and he is given direction to address man's issue to set up the soundest conceivable association with the celestial. This is absolutely valuable to man. Additionally, in any event, accepting that an individual finds what is correct and helpful by methods for his brain, still it is typically impractical to follow the psyche except if what is known by the brain is likewise accepted and followed by the heart, which is one of the most significant conditions for information to be changed into conduct. By legitimately tending to both the brain and heart, religion makes incredible progress in the change of information into conduct.

there would be no exclusive doctrine; all would be love, poetry, and doubt (Cyril Connolly). Etc
The worry for advancement in the public eye has prompted hypotheses and activities that guide people and networks. Activism involves endeavors to advance, obstruct, direct, or mediate in cultural changes with the craving to make changes in the general public. It very well may be associated with advancement since improvement additionally have the social, political, monetary and ecological measurements. Activism turns out to be more significant when it advances strategy change and institutional change that are helpful for social turn of events
Imam Khomeini and the Revival of Religious Beliefs in June 1997 provided an opportunity for religious intellectuals to recognize and achieve his (Imam Khomeini) lifetime mystic jihad to revive the pure Islam of Muhammad. That debate and that realm of monotheism view were wider than to be viewed accurately and deeply. The great enthusiasm and the vast welcoming of the researchers and the followers of that Imam whose being essence was the practical symbol that reflected the generality of the religion, had this movement to be permanent and the wisdom owners to contemplate.
To believe the originality of revelation and the necessity of using the revelation messages in all fields
Believing the adaptability and attunement of the oracle wisdom, philosophy, mysticism, language and…
The faith in the adaptability and attunement of the religion and science (the role of science in proposing issues and the religion mission to answer the requirements).
Efforts for the coherency between different levels of the society
Believing the necessity of the unity among the Islamic countries
The faith in the approximation of the divine monotheism religions
Believing the unity between the oppressed and the poor against the oppression
Believing the necessity of the empathy and the attunement between the intellectuals of both the thought and the theology.

in short:
Religion is the human attitude towards a sacred order (Peter Berger). Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world (Karl Marx). Religion has brought forth criminal and impious deeds (Latin poet Lucretius). The belief in Spiritual Beings (Edward Tylor). Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe (Voltaire). Set of symbolic forms and acts which relate man to the ultimate conditions of his existence (R.N. Bellah). Religious beliefs correspond closely with the phantasies of infantile life (Sigmund Freud). Religion is the vioce of Vioceless Mankind.Religion is bond between Human and God.Religion is weapons for oppressed people. Religion defends the truth against Falsehood.

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