if we didn't teach the intelligent youth about deen then? (a short analysis)

(Manhaj As Salaf, Peshawar)

if we didn't teach the intelligent youth about deen consistently then:

1. All the intelligent kids and teenagers and youth of today and grown ups of tomorrow only would know about the worldly desires and whims they have in their heads and they would forget the deen. (They would even not know the complete meaning of Tawheed (Monotheism of Allah).

2. When the intelligent youth would stop learning deen and only excel in dunya, the brain become dumb in religious understanding.

3. For even small things like how to give adhaan, how to establish jamah prayer, how to do janazah, whats are do's and don't of aqdun nikah they would not be able to understand or learn because their mind and brain is not programmed to learn about it from early childhood rather only about how to 'make money'. And they would need a Imam masjid to perform all that simple religious activities for them even though its not a rocket science.

4. A very important point is that when this scenario would develop, slowly and gradually there would be an empty path and the intelligent mind is not coming up to fulfill it, so the dull minded people will take the opportunity to rise up. Because they would refer themselves as 'Muftis', and 'Shaykh', then the dull-minded (in deen) huge general masses will become their blind followers, as they have started becoming blind followers of such people today. People will think that they are very serious in knowledge, and Methodology (such as understanding of monotheism of Allah (tawheed), and staying away from polytheism (shirk), understanding of innovation (bid'aat) and love of Sunnah). But sadly they would be far away and distant from the upright path.

5. And then gradually the deen would be gone out of life because Allah would give death to all those of scholars who are upon haq and truth up right scholars and then the knowledge-less mafia, the ignorance would be wide spread, as we are seeing it is widely spreading. And the people would not be able the differentiate because they have stopped using their brain to comprehend the deen, but only dunya.

This would happen only because people would stop equipping, spending upon and giving Jurisprudence of deen to intelligent kids and youth of Pakistan from early childhood.

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