The Signs of Dawn

(Syed Fawad Ali Shah, )

Pakistanis for more than seventy years; are waiting for the creation of a society where they can lead their lives according to the teachings of Islam. However, the society deteriorated with each passing day and the hopes of the people for change faded away. The PTI regime gave Pakistanis a hope which till date has not materialized. The political parties have now gathered for changing the regime on the plea of inflation and corruption without an alternative solution due to which an ordinary Pakistani is still expecting from the PTI regime. Before expecting anything from the government lets analyze the role of individual citizen in Pakistan.

An individual would have reasons to nepotism, favoritism and corruption. He would claim to be a pious Muslim with the holy Quran lying covered in dust in a shelf in his house. He would apply teachings of Islam on everyone except himself or would practice those giving him material gain. He would steal electricity and gas. He would not give sadqah, khairat or zakat. Enjoy Umrah and Hajj as tourist spots, deny inheritance rights to his sisters still would be standing in the first row of the congregational prayers in the mosque.

A government employee would claim salary to be his basic right without paying heed to his duties. He would be an example of inefficiency with installed easy load software. He would profess the religion of bribery and obeying his political and bureaucratic bosses to every extent. No file would move unless he is paid for it. The rules of business together with the civil servants act and efficiency and discipline rules are lying somewhere covered with dust in his office.

A doctor would claim himself to be an asset for the society but he would not entertain a patient without fee. He would not bother to get himself involved in any sort of research for the advancement of science rather relying on the advice of the medical representatives who pay him for prescribing their medicines. He would be advising patients in hospitals to visit his private clinic for detailed check up with accurate prescription. He would be partner with the medical laboratory and medics.

An engineer after getting employment would unlearn his acquired education and skills. He would never associate himself with research process rather would be doing things as recommended by the contractors. He would be paidby the government for signing papers required for clearing the bills of the contractor without application of his mind. He would run from pillar to post in Planning and development and finance departments for clearing escalation of cost and re appropriation bills of the contractor.

A patwari would be looking for clients ready to bribe him for tampering and for making wrong entries in the revenue record. He would be least interested in the collection of agricultural income tax and other duties and taxes. He through his tehsildar gives two percent of his ill gotten receipts to the administrative head of the district. He would sponsor the election campaign of the elected representatives who in return would protect his tenure. The whole system would turn a deaf ear to any complaint about the system.

A journalist regarded as mirror of the society has lost his role in Pakistan. They revolve around the office of the district police officer and others who pay them from their secret funds for projecting their good image in the newspapers. All the published newspapers are evidence of this breach of trust by the journalists. They threaten the corrupt for extortion and at higher levels are paid for the projection of good image of the political parties. In short, the journalist in Pakistanat the moment are best example of yellow journalism in the world.

A police officer posted for the purpose of assisting the court in the dispensation of justice would either accept bribe from the aggressor or the aggrieved. Investigation is misdirected and leads to acquittal of the accused. One of the reasons for the rampant increase in crime is the corruption within the police department which is followed by the prosecution and judiciary.

All the above discussed examples are evidence of the darkest phase of night or in other words a sign of dawn for Pakistanis.Imran Khan due to number game in the parliament till date has not been able to act on his promised agenda of change in Pakistan. This gave a slogan to his political opponents for removing him from the slot.

The opposition leaders are leaving no stone unturned for toppling the PTI regime ranging corner meetings, rallies, rhetoric against the defense forces, allegations against the state etc. all testifying the arrival of hard days for them in the near future.The main target of the opposition parties is derailing the system before the upcoming senate election. After which the PTI government would acquire the numbers in parliament required for necessary amendments in laws after which he would be able to act decisively on the issues of corruption and administrative inefficiencies. It is probably the first time in the history of Pakistan that the military establishment is ready to assist the government in doing the needful. The arrival of the year 2021 is the year of the creation of Naya Pakistan where exploitation of Pakistanis in all manifestation would cease.

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