LOST OF SOUL-III (Voice of Graveyard-II)

(Shah Nawaz Bokhari, Rawalpindi)

(Last part)
It is pertinent to mentioned here that I was read Surah Mulk daily at night. When I was alive. Since when I died I have been living in graveyard with my body. Suddenly two angels came to me and said that who were your prophet? I replied confidently but little fear because I saw one sword hanging in his chest. I asked these angels I will go into heaven or not? They replied, yes but you will have to judge at the table of Meezan (Calculation of deeds) then you will have to go to heaven. So you keep waiting as others until the “Day of Judgment” may pronounce. They disappeared. Suddenly darkness had been prevailing in my graveyard. I was worried at that occasion but few minutes later some light came in my graveyard even one man who I did not recognized he told me that I have your deeds which you have spent in your life (dunya). There are some difficulties which I have been facing at this moment. I asked what type of difficulties you have to face. He replied that you were took some loan from various people which were pending on your part this was cause for darkness. I said what types of burden were pending on my shoulder? He replied approximately, “seven thousand rupees” which you could not paid to their owners in various occasions.

I asked him what the condition was; I have to get-ride of from these loans. He replied that I will come later then I tell you the way to relief your soul from these types of burdens. After few minutes he came back. He replied to me there was only solution to reduce your burden if anyone of your relatives gives some (Sadaq) charity from your side. Now tell me who have your close relative which I would saw him or her in a dream. I said to him there was only my wife which is a pious lady. He replied that it has enough I had have to saw her in a dream. If anyone saw he is descending the upstairs (wood stairs) the pinpoint of loans which is reaming. While his wife saw such a dream then she has desperate to saw such a dream. When she woke up from morning she pretends to have to go to pious men who have knowledge of dreams and explicitly his interpretation as well. A man who have knowledge of dream said that your husband had taken some loan which is still pending on his shoulders. It is a bar upon him which essential to reduce in shape to gives some charity (Sadaq) to the poor people.

His wife gives some (Saqaq) charity to the poor people meanwhile his graveyard is full of lightened. It was a true story about the voice of the graveyard. All should care about others liabilities especially while taking any loan it is essential to write down any book or paper which will endorse for future payable. The pillar of Islam is standing upon others rights and liabilities which are mentioned in various Hadiths and Quranic instructions. It is essential for all to keep these things brings into minds while dealing any business activities. Normally, people said that it has small thing but its consequences are very harmful in your future life. It is definitely there is no two opinion the human being are perpetrators of own cause of actions.

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