Way To A Woman’s Heart Is Respect and Understanding

(Anum Rizvi, Karachi)

In todays fast changing world where there is so much exposure, lots of empowerment, freedom of expression till women are taken for granted most of the time. With few exceptions, I feel many among us feel this way and are made to feel so time and again irrespective of whether we are working or stay at home parent. We are capable enough to take care of anything and to make way in woman’s heart is very simple .

The understanding and acceptance of equality at all levels is what I want, as I always asked same from one and all whether deserving or otherwise. It is not that I will not demand it if my due is not given but at times it is difficult to get things only after asking and making other understand. It is simple, as a human we all expect love, care, understanding and respect besides basic needs .

It is ironic, that highest court in a country like ours has to intervene, to tell that the value of work done by woman at home is no less than her office going husband. Irrespective of working, non-working or staying at home due to our inconvenience No one has a right to make us feel any less.

I feel most of the women want understanding and respect in this world. We may be blessed in so many means but at times we feel dismayed as a result of so called societal/patriarchal norms.

My views are based on my understanding of some of the strong women I have seen around me. Who value self-respect utmost to anything in this world. We deserve it not only from men but from women’s’ too, who at times don’t bother to value our love and care. I understand there can’t be comparison of feelings but some basic trust and return is expected. In the end, when its time to leave the world, women should feel they were wanted and cared for and all the sacrifices they made, which nobody asked for it but still they did it to their inherent nature. Not to forget, a say in all the important decisions of their lives is what a woman wants .


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