Physical education and sports should be compulsory in Pakistan

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Sports and physical activities are not something new for the human race since the creation of Adam, man is subjected to Various physical movements that required physical strength

One of the main determinants of a healthy lifestyle for school age children is sufficient physical activity. The optimal amount of physical activity not good for heath and mental health. Sports and games are most important part of every culture. There are many types of game children like to play indoor as well as outdoor games. Indoor games are very creative and enhance brain skills also enhance brain speeds. Games are very important for children Because games improves children skills and enhance ability to accept any challenges. Also it developing social skills. Schools should be organized these types of exercises and activities. Outdoor games is very important for children . body is like a machine. A machine can not work without oiling. In the same way our body cannot work properly without exercises, games sports. Sports make us active and healthy.

Physical education is generally defined as the use of physical activity to help individuals attain physical fitness, sporting and motor skills, enhanced information, and positive attitude that would add value to their instructive growth and social wellbeing. Suitable physical growth and mental strength. out the physical education programs at the school level is an appreciated source of modifying behavior in a positive way during the years of adolescence. Sports And games are defined as forms of physical activity .

Physical education and sports in Pakistan and other developing countries:

It is important to mention That Physical education at primary and secondary schools in Pakistan is seen as an optional Activity by our education system. In primary and secondary School system of Pakistan, the Students are engaged in sports And other physical activities for Few hours every week. Because children can’t study all the time they need to other activities like sports. Sports is good way for relaxing The children mind and also it’s good for children health. Although physical education has been given a great importance in developed countries.

Reason for decline in sports:
Funds for physical education in Pakistan are Limited. It is noted that 74% of the Participants either strongly agreedto recognize the Limitation of facilities for physical education and promotion Of sports. Now a day children like to play online computer game and it’s not good for their health as well as their eyes. And also danger for privacy problem. Computer and online games increases depression and anxiety. Computer and online games are big issue for decliningin .

Not get enough physical activity can lead to heart. It can also increase the chances of developing other heart disease risk factors. Includinghigh blood pressure, obesityetc. Not getting enough physical activity can rise a person’s risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Physical activity help control blood sugar. Weight and blood pressure and help raise “good” cholesterol and decrease bad cholesterol.

Sports make man active and it’s benefits are: it improve sleep. it help to Increase ability to perform everyday activities. Improve bone and musculoskeletal health. Play game do physical activities daily for a healthy lifestyle. Make it habits. And persuade children to participate in sports and other physical activities. Try to motivate their children physical activities and sports. I would suggest you that sports is compulsory for children as it develops both the physical mental and does not let them go in bad track.

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