Association or Mafia in Sports and conflict of interest

(Musarrat Ullah Jan, Peshawar)
A Wushu player from Swat was ejected from the association only for talking about abuse and talking about the welfare of the players.

The players belonging to the area of KP Chief Minister and current Sports Minister, Wushu player blamed that money is received from clubs in the name of registration and affiliation but providing them facilities is not part of the duties of the president of the so-called association.

Accordingly, the collection of money in the name of an annual grant from the Sports Directorate is going on but the concerned associations are silent in response to where this money goes.

This is the case of the current "helpless" Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, a sportsman from his own region facing the issue, the sports minister who claims to promote sports in the province.

By the way, every Chief Minister during his tenure focused on the development of his own region. Haider Hoti of Mardan, Akram Khan Durrani of Bannu, Pervez Khattak of Nowshera, and Mahmoud Khan of present-day Swat, who also have their rights, but exercising this right, also exercised various rights of citizens of other districts of the province including Peshawar.

But in the current Sports Ministry, a Peshawar Based association is abusing a Swat player and the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister's still silence on it is proof that the "helpless" Chief Minister is too much.

Even just are only the people belonging to Peshawar or a few specific districts entitled to the association?

Is there no competent person in 29 other districts of the province?

The current government that rules social media, including Facebook and Twitter, is a player's government and the player's government with the Ministry of Sports is great and what is interesting is that there is silence on it.

The abuse and grievances against Swat players aside, the extent to which the sports-promoting associations in the province are really ruthless to promote sports is a testament to the presence of sports associations over the past two decades.
The people sitting in the chair, from the chairman to other positions, are divided. Allah Almighty will surely forgive these so-called leaders of sports associations because Allah Almighty says take care of your relatives' and these people who have held various positions in sports associations in bringing their relatives in different positions at the association.

If anyone is doubtful, call the lists of all the associations registered with the Sports Directorate and realize to what extent the associations have brought their relatives.

In sports associations, fathers are followed by sons or domestic relatives and employees who are apparently friends but in fact also business partners. In this situation, every sports association considers itself right and other associations are embarrassed.

The leaders of these associations are willing to go to any lengths and willing to do anything. If anyone is not convinced, talk to their own players about the affiliates of these associations claiming to be affiliated with the Sports Directorate, do research, and then see what kind of people have been associated with the associations since when.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Sports Directorate currently has about 40 registered associations that receive annual grants, but the funniest thing is that most of the associations have two groups, some of which have the support of the Sports Directorate KPK.

Because the sports directorate is also a government employee and these people also have to do a government job, so when a call comes from high-ups, these people are also forced to block someone's grant and sometimes issue someone's grant. To some extent, some officials of the sports directorate even beat themselves up.

Politics within the Sports Directorate Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has also made sports associations so helpless that even working people are worried about what to do to promote sports as their hands are being tied.

If the people of the directorate are in a different positions in sports associations, then who will get the grants?

This is a question that has puzzled many people in many associations since the project director of the One Thousand Sports Grounds project recently took over as the president of an association which was also advertised in the newspapers.

This is being done so that everyone is careful not to have "Lulu Panjo" type of people as opposed to "Project Director", is this is no conflict of interest?

In the current scenario which sports associations will get funds in Khan's ministry and which ones will be declared real because "Sarkar" is preferred by those who say "yes" with "yes" and if someone asks for an explanation nobody likes these types people.

In the current situation, it is not necessary to eradicate grants from sports associations. Because the process of giving grants will stop, then the leaders of the associations will take their relatives out and look for sponsors for the tournaments.
This is the only solution can cure these so-called association, If not 100%, then at least 50% sponsorship for the tournament.

At the same time, the "helpless minister of sports" should pay attention to this and also ask for an explanation from the top official of his ministry that the official should Focus on their own duties and don't interfere in sports associations.

If the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Sports Minister cannot do anything about this toy in the Ministry of Sports, nor can he do anything against those who have been occupying the associations for so many decades, then he should resign from this ministry. It may benefit the sports minister but also for the sports and the players.
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