Move ahead--it's time to fight Israel hard.

(Umme Aimen, Lahore)

Freedom of Palestine

It is an undeniable fact that posting on social media about Palestine's ongoing situation raises public awareness of what is going on in Gaza, as well as the desire among the public to speak out in support of Palestinians who are suffering from the war and being treated with utmost savagery by occupier Israel. But is it enough to do so to provide Palestinians with their right to live in their homes safely without any external aggression? No! Now our goal is not restricted to precluding Zionists from this fascist behaviour, restoring the Palestine flag, but also to get justice for each murder of a Palestinian and make the killers accountable for it. This purpose requires beyond posting.

I am personally aware of many people in my community who believe that by posting condemnation messages on social media platforms, they have fulfilled their duty, and within seconds they have forgotten about the oppression. Again, when they open any social media account, they begin to say a few words of sympathy, and the most commonly heard sentence is "What is happening is not good," and this reaction is not only in the case of Palestine, but for all other countries that are currently under occupation and facing open ferocity, including Kashmir, Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, Yemen, Syria, and Uyghurs. It is necessarily important to post, tweet, like and comment, but now it's time to take further effective actions.

Palestinians have been fighting for a long time for themselves and they never give up, which shows that till today, Israelis are constantly failing to accomplish their mission and rather getting satisfying smiles from Palestine's heroes in return, but what about other Muslims who are living in comfort? You have to "Fight for your brothers", and history always shouts out with very pellucid words, that whenever Muslims unite or people show unity to get their legitimate right, they win. It seems easy to write, and probably everyone knows that unity makes one win, but today, it seems that this concept is gone away. Writing this sentence reminds me that, as always, it is just a sentence made up of ordinary words that embodies a common moral that has been heard many times and will not result in any change in anyone. Hopefully, this time I will be wrong.

If we do not stand with our brothers and sisters today, then the world's misleading, biased, and inhuman journalists, politicians, writers, and hypocrites will make every effort to erase everything that speaks out about the injustice in Palestine, as has happened in the past.It is harsh to say that they are making us accustomed to such a situation because we only speak out when a massive massacre occurs, but what about before this attack? It has been 73 years since the Palestinians fought for their freedom. Why do we always wait for an attack to happen? What about the constant struggle they are doing for so long? Why do we remain silent during all this? Dozens of people have been martyred in the last few days. Every single life matters and we will not bear single harm to any innocent Muslim from now onwards.

Charter of the United Nations, Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948, International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights 1966, International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights 1966, Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and Vienna Declaration What about these documents? Are they just pieces of paper for now? Why are the International Human Rights lawyers not making these to be implemented? Why are the developed countries not sending their military to eradicate this genocide? Why are some of the Muslim countries still condemning and just passing statements sitting in the parliament?

The emergency OIC meeting held on 16th May seems to contribute a lot to the defence of Palestine:
"The OIC statement asked Israel to safeguard Muslims' access to the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Islam's third sacred place, and to stop forcibly removing Palestinian residents from their homes".

Turkish Foreign Minister Melt Cavusoglu also urged for an international protection framework for the Palestinian people, telling the OIC that Israel should be made responsible for war crimes and that the International Criminal Court could help.

Iran's foreign minister, Javad Zarif, accused Israel of "genocide and crimes against humanity".

Pakistani Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi spoke about the conference and reaffirmed that the OIC's heavy minus sign owes its genesis to the Palestinian conflict. The Muslim Ummah must show strong support for the people of the Palestinian Territories by taking action. (Dawn, 2021)

But what at the individual level can one do? The question arises:

• Start from the primary step, post every news you get related to this conflict that shows the real brutal image of Israel on social media because there are many accounts there who are misleading the public regarding this scenario and they are manipulating the numbers of deaths in Gaza. Share the information and ask to receive to share it further and so forth.
• Boycott all the products of Israel. Rely on your local products.
• Campaigns should be encouraged and if you are young and healthy, then be part of it to show the strength of the Muslim community.
• Write as much as you can and try to make it published in authentic newspapers, magazines, journals, and on authentic websites.
• Pressurise your politicians to take physical action and let them not be ignorant in this situation and discourage them from making hypothetical statements.
• Email to the International Court of Justice, send letters to it and post on social media with hashtags like "Save Palestine Save humanity" to compel it to take action on an emergency basis.

• Pray to Allah and ask for his mercy. "Say, 'Never will we be struck except by what Allah has decreed for us; He is our protector. ' And upon Allah let the believers rely." (Quran, 9: 51)

Last but not least this time, don't let die this strive for justice for your brothers in yourself. Keep the spirit alive and make yourself prepare that even if you have to do jihad, you will. Muslims always help every other country without tracing their race, culture in bad times. Because Islam teaches humanity and we have live examples even today. If you are human, then stand for Gaza. The world needs to put this into consideration and realise who is on the right path.

Umme Aimen
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