We Deserve Decline?

(Shahbaz Munawar Kazmi, Mianwali)

Muslims are the most precious Ummah of Mohammad PBUH. . We are the ones who spread Islam. We are the ones who fought for Allah’s Name. We are the ones who stand up for Islam when nobody else. We defend Islam even sacrificing our lives. They are the most Superior. If we are the superior then why most important Ummah is declining. Why? Why the ones who are the most closet to Allah and Mohammad PBUH are declining everywhere. We are the ones who are believing Allah without seeing HIM ,why still we are declining And in every sphere of life? We are the ones who fought with the rivals without seeing their number or ammunition. We should be the ones who should rule the world .

There was a time when we rule over Spain over 700 years . Once we rule over 3 continents for 700, once a man aged 17 conquer Sindh, once a Muslim aged 21 conquer Constantinople. Do we have a leader who says if a dog dies near Euphrates River I ll be responsible. We had a great past. We did what we deserve to do. We rule the world. Then why we are declining. There is a reason for our decline.

Israel might be our enemy but praise one thing of our enemy too. They have strongest military in middle east. They might knew that When Mohammad PBUH left this world physically, he had swords. This showed defense is more important than anything and may be they learnt that. What about the situation of other Muslims countries military in middle east? The one who are real follower of Mohammad PBUH.

Are we left with mere Duas? Duas have power. Prayer can change destiny of a man and a nation. But does prayers without action and intention work? 56 Muslims countries are looking for help from Allah. They Ask Allah to help Palestinian. They want Allah should sent stones over Israel or toppled their land. Allah has power .HE is almighty and HE can do whatever he wants. But why would Allah do? Why can’t we?We ask Allah for help and Allah wants we 56 Muslims countries should do something ourselves. We are looking for another Omer bin Khattab and Saluddin and nobody wants to be Saluddin or Omer bin Khattab himself.

Look into the history . We Muslims had hard times in the past like we had financial Crisis,we were less in number during wars ,we were lacking ammunition. But that hard times create strong men like Saladin and Osman I. Later these strong men created good times and build ottoman ,seljuk ,ummayad,abbasid and Mughal empire. Later these good times create weak men who became addicted to women and luxuries of life . They were interested in their own benefits then the Islam. These weak men create hard times when are lacking everything.When enemies rule over you. When you become the slave of enemies and you become the slave of your rivals and even unable to wage jihad against them. Our condition is like them. Whenever we fought , they were less in number like in Badr battle. Still Muslims won. Why ? Because battles are not fought with ammunition , battles are fought with faith and courage and may be we are now devoid of both.

Now Muslims are fighting against Muslims and enemies are silent spectator. Iran fought with Iraq, Iraq invaded Kuwait. All are Muslims . Muslims are fighting over to offer prayer with open arms or closed and Enemies are trying to cut our arms. Enemies never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity to humiliate us. All are fighting with their Muslims brothers and Instead of waging a war with enemies they are cutting their brother’s throats. Is what we Muslims are taught to do ? Is what Mohammad PBUH teach us to do?Don’t we deserve Decline? We are lacking unity and morality. We are devoid of ethics and ethics makes a nation civilized. We are devoid of unity and unity gives you strength.

May be we don’t have Mohammad PBUH , Omer , Saluddin or Sultan Mohammad Fatahh . And may be no can become like them. But at least we should have one who is following their footstep. Do we have one who is following footstep of any of them ?The answer is a big NO. Our ancestors never decline ,but we are declining. are we the ones who are like them? Like our ancestors. Allah gives a nation grace when they are competent, We are not competent now and may he that’s why we are devoid of grace. The slogans of Peace ,Peace and Peace against the oppressor making us coward.

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