Rising Concerns about Talibans

(Hassan Ali, )

It isn't the first time when Afghanistan has gone through a transition and mayhem, this particular region has always seen unrest throughout its history. These days it's no different; Talibans have captured more than half of the country including some of the important border areas and they are an hour's drive away from Kabul. Now, their acceptance is inevitable, the world can't discuss Afghanistan without mentioning Talibans and they would certainly have to accept their government sooner or later. But how did we come to this? What are the rising concerns and should we be concerned about what's happening in our neighbors? These are some of the important questions that need to be answered.

Talibans advocate a strict form of rule and they wanna impose their form of misinterpreted or misguided "Islamic Government or Values" (of course, you can disagree on this narrative of mine.) The reason a single form of strict value-based system can't work in Afghanistan is because of the amalgam that this region has been constituting of, there are an innumerable variety of people living there including Pashtuns, Tajiks, Hazaras, and other ethnic groups. Such a variety of people in a region can't possibly accept a single system that is based on a single group's interpretation of Islam and its values. Afghanistan has always been a mess for this reason because it's been unable to find a single sole that represents them all, of course, foreign forces played their part in exacerbating this chaos. Everyone knows what America achieved during their unpleasant stay in Afghanistan; it's absolutely nothing, it has further strengthened Talibans and prepared them to confront their latest weapons. Moving on many years till 2021, Americans decides to end their shameful trip, and go back from where they come from leaving Afghanistan again in a mess and this time further deteriorating its disposition. Now, America is in desperate need of face-saving, and for that matter, they are involving countries like Pakistan to clean up their mess and use them as a puppet to do their dirty work. Pakistan does not need to be involved in the current Afghan war as we all know what happened last time when we tried poking our nose in their matter. So, whatever happens in Afghanistan, Pakistan needs to stay neutral in all of this.

Coming to the concerns related to Talibans and about their acceptance if they come to power; people in Pakistan used to be fervent supporters of them and they did support their cause financially. Thanks to our ex-government who had thrown us into this havoc, we are still recovering from those bruises. It's up to the authorities to decide whether to accept Talibans or not but what would be the choice left if they had already captured Kabul and made their government, sooner or later, everyone will have to come to the tables with them and accept their presence. Of course, America, knowing its history, will be one of the first to do that and Pakistan will follow because we've always been their puppet. There are huge concerns about what the civilians in Afghanistan think about this transition particularly women who have always faced rigorous impediments from them. No matter what happens in the future, the region has never seen peace for a very long time and we can all certainly hope that this time the peace finally lands there and it lasts for an indefinite time. Till then, we all should make ourselves comfortable with news of uproar and unrest in our papers because Afghanistan never sleeps.

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