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This article is going to discuss about Islamophobia. What is it? Why is it? And many more things about this topic will cover in this article. So, firstly the term Islamophobia is a prejudice, aggression, anger or hatred towards Islam or Muslims and see Muslims as a terrorists. People having Islamophobia can address as anti-Muslims, anti-Islamism, Muslimophobia etc.

Islamophobia is a very hot debate now a days. Some scholars considered it as “racism” and it actually is, a racism against Muslims! Many Muslims have lost their lives due to this Islamophobia, non-Muslims thought that Muslims are extremists and they want Islam ruling all over the world whereas Muslims only want peace and freedom to live according to their religion. Islam is a religion of love, peace, brotherhood and kindness but unfortunately anti-Muslims do not understand the real meaning of Islam and always trying to findout the way to target Muslims by killing them and hurting their sentiments towards Islam.

There are so many incidents of Islamophobia already happened around the globe, like you all already know about that CV that is passed over because it boasts a Muslim sounding name, or that British-Pakistani man who was repeatedly assumed a threat at the airport on the basis of his beard and there were so many other things and incidents already happened that tells us that Islamophobia does exist. Many Muslim Bollywood celebrities, English Muslim athletes, boxers, wrestlers and more importantly every common Muslim human being living in non-Muslim country have faced Islamophobia, which is so disturbing.

At last, as a Muslim I know that Islam is the most beautiful, easy, relaxing, peace-loving, and enjoyable religion in the world. Those who are against Islam and Muslims, it is my request to you all that please take some time and try to study and learn about Islam, as a result you will fall in love with this completely perfect religion and find the purpose of your lives.

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