Hijab,the choice of a Faithful !

(Ismat Usama, Lahore.)

For females,selection of a suitable dress is very significant but it often becomes a problem.In selecting costumes,girls and women are choosy and sensitive about stuff,color and design(more then men).They spend hours in shopping and hardly satisfied.Sometimes they are are afraid that if they like a dress ,may be it would not appear good to others i.e their family and friends.The matter becomes easy if they take a second opinion of any sincere one in the purchasing process.Who would be more sincere and closer to us to give a true opinion?This is a question which really matters in this material life.Human opinions are often contrary,transfer in one condition to another,are different from time to time.People are ,generally,critics and tease us.

After much thinking,i reached a conclusion that i would like to prefer the opinion of the Lord of the Universe who loves His creature beyond expectations! Almighty ALLAH ,the Creator of human beings tells us clearly,how should we dress up.He is the designer of our body and soul,heart and mind.He knows well our psychology and the psychologies of others around us. Almighty ALLAH has revealed special commandments for his delicate creature in His Heavenly scripture.The Holy Book of Quran teaches a complete code of dress as well as of conduct.A woman is just like a pearl ,should be covered in pearl-shell.She is precious,special,worthy to be secret,so she is told to conceal her physic and hair in particular.Once a Muslim scholar was asked,why your women do not shake hands with men?He replied promptly,Does your Queen shake hand with everyone?He said ,No.The scholar said,so our women are just like Queens.Thus,a Muslimah is blessed of a special beauty of eeman. Her deliberate submission and obedience to her Lord makes her more prettiest,more elegant and pious.So,Hijab(a covering dress)is the choice of a believing woman. Hijab is protection from bad eyes.It prevents vagabonds and flirts .

The beauty of a muslim woman is only for her home and family.Its not so cheap to display as goods for sale in the market.In rare circumstances,if she has to do a job or go outside her home,she should be dress up decently. Hijab is a sign of modesty,which should reflect from her conduct and attitude,her language should be more reserved and to the point .Muslim Men are responsible too in this regard.They should be honest to their Lord,because He is the Creator of their eyes and hearts.Almighty ALLAH knows well what is in their minds.They are ordered to lower their gaze.He orders both men and women to fear ALLAH.He wants to make us more pure and pious ,our hearts more cleaner glowing with the light of eeman. The light (Noor e Hidayat) is the most necessary asset of every Muslim in this life and in the life beyond this life !

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