Influence of religion on science and technology

(NAJAF ALI, srinagar)

Science and religion generally pursue knowledge of the universe using different methodologies. Science acknowledges reason, empiricism, and evidence, while religions include revelation, faith and sacredness. These methodologies are totally different. They are diametrically opposed. Reason, empiricism, and evidence simply do not recognize revelation, faith, and sacredness as valid sources of knowledge. Further, revelation, faith, and sacredness, which are examples of religious dogma, only accept conflicting scientific opinion when the evidence becomes overwhelmingly accepted by the general public.

Allah is the creator of everything that is present in the universe , so what are the philosphical reasons behind this creation .we think about these reasons verses read in name of thy lord ,who created man ,out of a leech -like clot : proclaim ;AND thy lord is most bountiful. He who taught (use of )the pen taught men which he knew not (AL-ALAQ 96 ,V1-5)

the Quran was reaveled in the mid of seventh century. there are many vereses in the Quran which describe scientific facts ,most of which were discovered only in the last one hundered years.there is a consistency in its description of various phenomena. the verses accurately describe ideas that are in agreement with the modern observation about the universe. the verses of the Quran which encourages one to develop a scientific temperament in his apporach and this is clearly indicated in the following verses v1:Behold in the creation of heavens and the earth , and the alternation of night and day , there are indeed signs ,for men of understanding -Men who remember Allah standing ,sitting , and lying down on their sides,and contemplate the (the wonders)of creation .In the heavens and the earth (with saying ):
Our lord not for naught hast thou created (all)this? Glory to thee! give us salavation from chastisement of the fire(ale -imran 3,vereses190-191)

A true intecltual scientist always develops the habit of concentrating on the problem concerned.He does is so through out day . His object is to think over the problem in a serious manner .In the verses above we are asked to think ,in the spirit of a true scientist ,scholar ,over the creation of hevens and the earth and the alternation of day and night .Allah has created these things for specific reasons . the day and night are also subject to change... According hazarat ALI (a.s) in the day search for food which is nessacrary for survival of man kind and in the night search food for spirit by search the creator and think why he created universes what are the law governing the universe, what are the ways for sucessful life ,what are the hidden truth inside universe one more surah in Quran encourages for think of o problem in a serious manner (why you are not looking on the creation of camel is notit amazing think over it)

The motions of the sun and the moon is mentioned in Quran frequently .For examples .The Quran makes following statements about sun and moon :
v-2: And the sun runs unto a resting place, For him :that is the decree of (him), the exalted in Might,The all knowing and the moon ,-We have measured for her stations (to traverse) till she returns ,Like the old and withered lower part of a date -stalk .It is not permitted ,To the sun to catch up ,the moon ,nor can the night outstrip the day :Each swims along its own orbit (according to law)(yasin 36,verses 38-40)

v-3:it is Allah Who alternates The night and The day :VERILY these things is an instructive example
For those who have Vision !(Al -Nasr24,verse 44)

wherever in The Quran ,the motins of the sun and the moon (and all celestial bodies )are mentioned in above refrences ,the word "swim" is used for all the movements of celestial bodies . the word not only describes the uniform translatory motion ,but also rotational motion. One can visualize these motions by sliding a saucer ball on the surface of water, the ball will undergo translatory as well as rotational movements. It suggests that most of celestial objects are spherical in shape.So the motions of the sun and the earth are translatory as well as rotational .Moreover , the Sun is not only moving around galaxy ,but also rotating about its axis; and it takes nearly twenty five days for one complete rotation about its axis.this can be seen easily by looking at the changing positions of sun spots.the alternation of day and night is due to earth's rotation on it's axis and changing of seasons due to revolution in 365 days

A close persual of astronomy , reveals that the sun and the other stars in the neighbourhood of our solar system revolve slowly around the centre of the galaxy . in the course of motion , our solar system completes one full cycle one full turn around the galaxy in about 250 million years covering a distance of nearly one million trillion miles during that time at an average speed of 150 miles/second .the entire galaxy , including the earth , is moving through space relative to other nearby galaxies ,due to this motion , our galaxy ,our galaxy and the Andromea galaxy (neraest galaxy at a distance of 10^6 light yeras )are apporaching one another at a speed of 180miles/second. the earth is carried along with our galaxy in this motion,Hence even the motion of the earth is very compilicated . It rotates about it's axis, revolves around sun , moves with the sun around the centre of galaxy and moves with the galaxy on it's journey towards Andromeda.

It was Ibne Shatir a Mathematician and Astronomer gave a hypothesis that earth was not at the centre of universe and it was the sun which was at the centre of universe and the planets moving around it . He proved it through trigonometry.

In the begning of twenteeth century the sun was found to be located inone the arms of our spiral galaxy and thus lost the pride position of being at the centre of universe . it (sun) justs becomes one of the billios of stars in our galaxy . The solar system (the sun planets , large of minor planets between Mars and Jupiter -called Asteroids , large number of comets and meteors) is the part of our galaxy.Besides our own galaxy , there are billions of galaxies in the universe , each containing equal number of stars . Although the miliky way galaxy is but one of the billions of galaxies in the universe , the milky way has special significance as it is home of our solar system.


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