Bad Reflection Of Our Society- Wall Chalking

(Hoor Rizvi, karachi)

Among the varying issues, it is also one of the points to concern and I would like to bring this issue into notice of the concern authorities and to general public to do the needful. In Pakistan each and every street has now become like the pages of a book due to wall chalking, which is the very negative aspect of our society.

On one side the outcome of wall painting, wall chalking and spraying is an overall increase in pollution. While on other side, many unethical things are often posted on walls which are not acceptable at all. Advertisements are also done through wall chalking to avoid the expense, and the government cannot root out the problem since it itself consist of political parties largely involve in wall chalking for political purposes.

Our walls represent our rituals and they should be kept clean so that we put a good image up. Our government should take a very strict action against this issue because wall chalking displays negative attribute of our country and our people.

Hoor Rizvi
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