Are We A Group Of People?

(Hoor Rizwi, karachi)

Before the establishment of Pakistan there was no concept of Sindhi, Punjabi, Balochi and Peshtu, they were only Muslims who wanted an independent state in which to lives as Muslims. They passed a Resolution demanding a separate country, which was headed by Muhammad Ali Jinnah. But unfortunately, after the resolution, now we have a separate state we have seen a succession of corrupt leaders, who lined their own pockets instead of bring any progress to this nation. And this has not been a one way street we are all a part of this. We should not blame the leaders only we should ask ourselves what we have done for this country. We do not know how to sacrifice ourselves for our country, we just know how to criticize and blame and how to work only for personal interests. This is not the behavior of a 'Nation'. We are just a group of people co existing without any loyalty or honor.

Hoor Rizvi
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