Water Shortage In Karachi.

(Hoor Rizwi, karachi)

 I would like to draw attention of concerned authorities and Government on the Water scarcity in Karachi.

Different areas of Karachi have been facing acute shortage of water since months now. Karachi have been left at the mercy of the tankers charging Rs 3,000-8,000 per tanker. The rates of water tankers vary from one locality to the other. Residents of various water-starved localities in Karachi who are convinced that the government shall do nothing to provide clean and safe water have started boring wells. Since water like air is crucial for existence people are left with no option but to buy water and that too at exorbitant prices.

It is about time that the government paid attention to the looming water crisis and ensure smooth supply of clean and safe potable water to residents of the city because it is not possible for everyone to afford water tankers or bore wells.

Hoor Rizvi
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