Remarkable Evidences from the holy Quran

(Muhammad faisal, karachi)

Islam is a complete code of life, which tells the followers how to conduct business and occupy life. The picture of Islam can be originated in every aspect of a true Muslims life. Surrounded by the many aspects, the thing that styles Islam the finest religion for the modern life in today’s world is the fact that it is in complete significance with science which is a basic tool for the public to judge to some degree.

The declarations of the holy Quran are being proven correct by science today. Many verses of the holy Quran were revealed 1400 years ago and are proven true almost a thousand years later. The text below discusses some evidences that were mentioned in the holy Quran and were later accepted by science.
Life formation according to Quran:

We made every living thing from water. Will they not believe? (21:30)

Almighty Allah proclaims that everything is formed by water and Science later states publicly that every living thing consists of 70% water cells. As you can see proving the very same fact after 1400 years, we feel proud and everybody accepts the fact.

A Protective shield:
We made the sky a protective ceiling. And yet they are turning away from Our signs! (21:32)

Almighty Allah proclaims that we created the sky as a protective ceiling and calls it as a sign. People today having access to science can agree with the statement that the sky truly serve as a defensive shield for life on earth from the harmful radiation.

Growth of Universe:
And it is We who have built the Universe with (Our creative) power and keep expanding it. (51:47)

Almighty Allah, Once again states the growth of the Universe. The space scientist found out that the Universe is not stationary; rather is expanding with the passage of time, consequently in agreement with the claim of the holy Quran.

There are many more stanzas of the holy Quran that are put to test by science. Today science has agreed with the holy Quran and has found every statement true. The challenge sustains and the time is not far when all the statements of the holy Quran will be considered right. Till then we (Muslims) should at least follow the rulings of the holy Quran and motivate our future generation for our own betterment.


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