Educational Management in a democratic way (my view)

(Ishaq Nasir, )

Assalam u aleikum everyone.

Educational Management has, like all other areas of management, undergone radical changes throughout the world. Traditional societies, like ours, are however not responding as speedily as the advanced societies do. It is mostly due the rigidities present here. Cultural traits are more likely hurdles in the way of smooth and rapid development. They can, though, be brought in consonance with development but it will require a minute and detailed surgical and medical treatment, through educational expertise, which seems a Herculean task for us. This is because in our society dominant say lies with those who have material might; these are mostly feudal and capitalistic and business tycoons. They effect all our policies and plans, including education policies and plans, especially at the implementation stage. Due to this reason it is said about us THAT WE ARE GOOD PLANNERS BUT BAD IMPLEMENTERS. And perhaps this is the root cause that , even 68 years have gone after the independence, we are so far not able to chew the concept of real democracy.

Democratic Management and administration even today seems a great task to us. I think we are suffering from the problem of perception; we think and claim that our society won’t afford it; it will waste our time & resources; our society is a society of people in a hurry; etc. etc. But the problem, to me, originates from the fact that educational decision has never been given to the right hands. The reason is very simple; if real education spreads, it is bound to lead to awareness; and if awareness come to fore, leakages and corrupt practices can’t continue; and if there are no leakages and corrupt practices, what will the big tycoons eat?

Anyhow still we can do much. In the system there is a considerable number of educational managers who believe in democratic approach. They need to be patient; they need to think & do thoughtfully; they need to ensure regular meetings of teachers and other staff members; they need to educate their staff to tolerate each other & express their viewpoint in the most suitable words; they need to guide them out of the conflicts of opinions; they need to open as many options as possible.

All this will certainly take time but I hope that it is never impossible. It is the era of hi-tech and we can take from the experiences of others elsewhere, through the internet. If these apparently few educational managers come forward, we can establish a track for others to follow. And such initiative will go a long way bringing our considerably misdirected and mistreated educational management back on track.
Thank you.


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