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(Muhammad Ishaq, Lakimarwat)

Basically there are two grand forces in the world; Good and Evil. Good is originated from Allah and Bad from Satan. We are somewhere in between. Allah in the Holy Quran says: "And lo! We have created the human in the most suitable way." It means that by very nature human being is innocent. It is his environment which makes him good or bad. If a congenial, conducive, creative, constructive environment is provided to any one, he is hopefully able to become a good person and vice versa.
So basically it depends upon the education and training given to some one which determined his personality. Though environment is a very complex whole and very difficult to be controlled totally but if some sane arrangement is tried, it can be made congenial to a considerable extent.

At the early ages there are two very important places which makes a great part of environment; these are home and school.

Father and mother are the most effective variables at home. If they pay a little heed to their home, they can make it a very good place for their kids. They will have to do a few things: (1) Be thoughtful about what your do or say especially in front of your kids, (2) Be friendly with your kids, (3) Listen to your kids carefully, and as far as possible try to satisfy their queries, (4) Convince your kids for the sayings and actions which come in the experience of your kids, (5) If you face any in this regard, consult any of your well wisher, etc.

The second important place of early environment is school. Pivot role is to be played be the teacher. But be clear! The teacher will be able and bound to play a positive and effective role if parents are active, participatory, positively correlated, with school. Originally greater part of training has to be borne by parents where as the responsibilities of the teacher are dominant in the area of imparting knowledge part of education. A judicious blending of parents and teachers is the most ideal option.

If these two important early variables of environment are taken care of cautiously, the kids are bound to develop positive traits which will go a long way in positively effecting the personality of the kids. These learning practices need a continuous supervision. If parents and teachers are playing on one pitch, supervision becomes an easy and a very interesting task, and the whole process continues smoothly. Any kinds of differences and issues can be tackled and addressed successfully. All this results in a very strong personality development scenario.

As a teacher I have came across numerous examples of successful personalities during my last twenty four years. I hope in this way we can make a better environment, a better Pakistan, and ultimately a better world.

Thank you.

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