Marriage- A Divine Pledge and Prolonged Bond, Divorce a Disliked Act and Disobedience

(Abdul Rehman Mir, Islamabad)

Verily, marriage is no doubt a divine bond between Muslim couples which is predestined by Allah the Almighty. There is an ample difference between Islamic and secular norms and traditions. Islam emphasizes upon the purified and cherished norms and customs of the Quran and Hadith prescribed by the Creator and the Merciful. Hence, it is obligatory upon each and every parent to show their children the right path instead of putting them on a secular situation where they go for so-called marriage as they cross the boundaries ignorant of the limitations set by Islam.

The contemporary Muslim societies are going towards a dark vacuumed path where the people blindly adopt whatever they feel and comes in their hands which lead them towards amiss states. Marriage was made obligatory upon every Muslim keeping in view the terms and conditions prescribed by Quran and Sunnah. It brings bounties and blessings to the families when couples are brought to the sacred ties. It brings every happiness and virtuous pleasure in our lives when promises are made in front of the witnesses or the representatives of Allah. It is the only place where devil feels ashamed of all his misconducts but he still energizes his will and look forward to break the nuptial bonds. He attacks upon those sources who might be helpful for him to create tensions and deterioration between the couples. He never quits his wiles and always tries to put the sources into the way which leads towards divorce.

Marriage is a sacred vow which should be cared by each party especially parents of both the boy and the girl. Man marries for nothing but peace of mind so that he is secured from all the devilish and evil thoughts and acts that should be understood by both the husband and the wife. It is a sacred provision from Allah which must not be affected by worldly ambitions and desires. If a person deliberately creates problems and tensions between husband and wife, be aware! the Supreme Authority Who is the All Hearer and All Seer, will indeed pour His Mightiest Wrath upon such people in this world or in the Hereafter. Same is the case with the couples, if they are creating certain surface to break the divine bond, make sure, you are going astray and will be punished by Allah in the world and certainly on the day of Judgment where all your secret missions will be exposed by the divine cameras and sources.

Marriage is the divine bond which enables the couples truly believe in Allah and abstain them from all social evils which might become source of chastisement for them on the Resurrection Day. Allah bestows bliss to both the couples with respect to the hardship they face for their offspring which is also considered a kind of worship to seek the mercy and blessing of Allah. If parents are negligent about their children and never care them, such parents will be thrown into a big inferno on the Day of Judgment. This is the divine and prime obligation of the parents to take care of the divinely pledged relations. If they create surface for divorce which is disliked by Allah and His Messenger, such parents from either party will be taken to task in this world and reprimanded on the Day of Judgement.

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AR Meer is a fabulous writer, thinker and a good human, I love all his literary masterpieces, this one is also mind blowing and fantastic.
By: Muhammad Baqir (Hajee), Skardu on Oct, 02 2016
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Thank you so much Hajee for securing your precious time in reading my piece of writing
By: Abdul Rehman Mir, Islamabad on Jan, 26 2017
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