Barefoot to the Holy Shrine of Buwa Faqeer (God may pleased with him)

(Muhammad Baqir (Hajee), Skardu)

A great Sufi saint of the recent-time, Al-haj Faqeer Muhammad Ibrahim (NM-AM) was departed to the world hereafter, on the 40th day of his sadden accidental death thorough recitation of the Holy Quran was observed at his holy shrine, located at Khaplu Ghangche Gilgit Baltistan. His followers from all over Pakistan participated in that devout event. His departure has made an irreplaceable loss to humanity, as he has been a God fearing personality devotedly strived for peacemaking. Undoubtedly, he was a great reformer, always loved the destitute, deprived and underprivileged folk of the societies regardless of any prejudices. The deprived people used to get cure and relief from him in term of social security, spiritual healing, financial assistance and homoeopathic and allopathic medication. He had been visiting the Deo-Sai Pleatue (famous tourist resort) to collect medicinal plants, herbs and shrubs. His inspiring personality was comprised of strong political will, educational wisdom and scholarly fabulous leadership characteristics. He has a wish to establish a University in Baltistan to promote both contemporary education and religious research. He regenerated the spiritual practices which has been given up for many years, he rejuvenated “Tazkiya” with its real spirit as it was being practiced in the era of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his true followers, Imams, Sufis and Saints. After world famous Sufi Saint and religious reformer Ameer-e-Kabeer Syed Ali Hamadani (AR), Buwa Faqeer Muhammad Ibrahim (NM-AM) was the only one and the only son-of-the soil in Baltistan who promoted “Tazkiya”, “Zikir” and “Tawuba” on a largest scale. He served Pakistan Army for many years and proved himself as a brave, patriotic and wise soldier. He was appointed on various sectors along with the LoC. He had a matchless sincerity with Pak Army and he used to pray for Pakistan and its brave army during auspicious religious events and occasions for its sovereignty and dignity. The stories of his godliness, humility and meekness are on the tongues of his badge-mate soldiers. He was renowned as a “Sufi” among all the religious sects and segments. He urged his followers to adopt pure hygiene practices, modest characteristics and godly behaviors. He brought a significant change among the youth and they are committed to retain all the good practices even after his sudden death. People of Baltistan, irrespective of age, gender and other biasness, are in sadden bereavement, grief and sorrow. They have been showing a strong commitment and concern to preserve and promote his teaching for humanity and peacemaking. They are committed and cooperate to the leadership chosen by and among his greatest pupils. I personally felt a tragic interval in the way of scholarly reforming and sermonizing revolution but I am quite hopeful that the new leadership will keep no stone unturned in the way of promoting inter-religious harmony, peace-processing and leading the youth upon a righteous trek. Hazrat Faqeer Muhammad Ibrahim (NM-AM) has buried beside his home at Khaplu Khanser and construction of a shrine upon his grave is on paper-planning process. Numerous philanthropists, social workers and donors have been devotedly offering services in cash and kind. I believe that Allah will bless us soon with a substitution, having more-or-less same virtue and wisdom, “InshaAllah”.

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