Why we need B.Ed 3/4 year programme

(uzma janjua, Islamabad)

Why we need B.Ed 3/4 year programme

Teacher education is the process of providing teachers and potential teachers with the skills and knowledge necessary to teach effectively in a classroom environment .Most teacher education starts with initial training such as a degree program at a college or university ,though other paths are available for a candidate to began teacher education .Once a teacher has completed a degree program,and he or she has obtained certification ,a teacher may continue his or her education while teaching full time .Continuing education courses ,seminars,and professional development activities are all considered part of ongoing teacher training .Teacher Education is not teaching the teacher how to teach .It is to kindle his initiative,to keep it alive,to minimize the evils of "hit and miss " process;and to save time ,energy,money and trouble of the teacher and the taught . We offered teacher training courses like P.T.C,C.T,B.Ed and M.Ed.All courses were worthy and beneficial for the teachers who are teaching or want to teach according to each level of educcation. If we skip the basic levels we can not provide effective training as if some one do not know what is addition ,subtraction and division he/she could not be good /master in mathematics .As HEC have announced from this year B.Ed course will be of 3 years and HEC will not verify the degree of 1 year B.Ed course in future .They did not share the criteria,situations and economical,psycholoical,socialogical reasonsfor which they decided to convert a certificate course in to degree . why they are doing so ? Why they would not verify One year programme /course ? why this course need long term duration? I think people should raise these questions why our Government is trying to devalue all the degrees which we earn to equip ourself for bright future.

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