Fallacy of Insignificance and Fallacy of Significance

(Muhammad Rehan Ayub, karachi)

Pakistan has two types of people. First, those who have Fallacy of Insignificance and the second are those who have Fallacy of Significance. First type deals with those who have finalized about themselves that they can’t perform any extra-ordinary work and take themselves as ordinary and never try to achieve for what they deserve for or what potential they have. On the other hand, second type deals with the people who think that they are the extra-ordinary creatures and they can change the world according to their thoughts. Despite having common minds and conservative thoughts, they believe to be big, famous and gifted people of the world.

When people dealing with the Fallacy of Insignificance find people dealing with the Fallacy of Significance achieving higher positions, it tempts them to hate, blame and conspire against the other ones with the intentions that they contain more qualities and knowledge than them. The second type of people achieve greater than the first one because the first ones never try to achieve something and the second ones keep on trying to accomplish whether they deserve or not.

The second type of people can be subdivided into three categories:
a) The people who think that they are the most important personalities around the world. They are the talks of the towns, country rulers try to please them and everyone sings their songs.
b) The people who don’t place them among the important people of the world. But, they claim as the best in their respective fields. They believe that no other person can defeat them in their field and only a stupid person can deny their importance.
c) The people who think themselves great for no reasons. They claim to be the great in society and when the society doesn’t accept their greatness, they become rivals of the society. We can easily find these types of people among our surroundings.

We can find plenty of examples of Fallacy of Significance in our country. A dictator or prime minister is a perfect example of it. A dictator thinks that the country cannot be run if he dies or retires. He thinks that he is the only person in the world who can move the country in positive direction, and without him, country will not develop. This Fallacy of Significance tempts him not to leave the reign until people drag him away from it.

We have some politicians as well who are the patients of the Fallacy of Significance and who think that if they had not come to guide the nation, the nation would have been ruined. They tend to become good leaders despite not having any good qualities of leadership in them. There has always been dispute in what they say and they actually do.

I pray that may ALLAH keep us away from these patients of Fallacy of Significance and I pray also for the cure of the patients of Fallacy of Insignificance that they should realize their significance and should use them in favor of Pakistan.

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