The value of the short life

(Shakira Khan, Lahore)

New things in life is extremely important. Often when we buy from the market when a new thing in mind that there are several kinds of emotions. Such as a new fabric, then the fabric on which occasions we hold, how will maintain more! Well, it depends on the person and on any new thing which is cherish the emotions, but it is certain that the new things in mind zeal, enthusiasm, and that the new year is born be married to, then it is a very special feeling. Who does not know that many of us on the occasion of the New Year, take Rejolusn. Some leave their ills are resolved to adopt some of the pros! It's no exaggeration to say that in most cases it comes down to a hangover in the week. I know many people who try to quit bad habits, take the resolution, but pledged his guests have only a few days and then, as usual, is dying. If we talk on the evils of human nature is surrounded by all kinds of evils and ills in life, not only prohibit solid achievement, but also a large part of the invaluable life decimate bare. So our precious time is lost, but it would be better to say than that time we are on the brink of self-destruction. Time to go to a seminar last week if there was discussion on how humans 'Time Pass' and then the time it passes. In fact, time is also near the evils associated with the topic. Indeed, so deep is the relationship of these two. If we do nothing evil, our time is spent in vain! Like us sloth, anger or gossiping habit of killing, so much to us Askti subjects will only waste my time, so we are doing, the resulting time would destroy us. The question is how we leave these evils? On the occasion of the new year we can get away from evils and can utilize their time. The simple answer to these questions is hidden in this simple dictum according to which the earth was at the beginning, just daylight, darkness at night!

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