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The increasing demand and use of technology is largely shaping and turning our future and as many as people assume it’s the "computer” doing it all and on contrary which is not the fact. These machines have been with us for decades and now, with their advanced multimedia capability and technology and numerous software available, they deserve and considerable credit for enhancing the attainment and learning among people of all ages and groups. But I on my end, propose that there is an even greater thirst for technology on the rise, whose power, ability and indicate is far more encompassing, embracing and comprehending. I am uttering about the causative, casual and emerging forms of interactive communications and transmission, such as the Internet, that allow us to exploit and capitalize on our supreme learning resource – the modernistic and innovative minds of people all over the globe.

All have just begin to and experience and expose the impact of this connecting and linking up of people to people, and can only guess and retrieve how enhancing and transforming its consequences will be in the approaching years. I strongly contend, however, that if one makes the better selections now, one can intimately opt for the better and high quality of how one can ascertain, and more imperative, how the youth of today and generations yet to come are tutored and instructed to contemplate.

To triumph at that opportunity requires a resolute and synchronized effort – a coalition if everyone will – among our families, schools, youth and awareness organizations, and social communities, etc. I asseverate that because I am thoughtful and aware that technology itself is never the only reason things change and modify. In fact, it depends on how people decide on to apply technology and its skills – and whether they make wise and smarty conclusions and address the genuine needs – that makes the difference ultimately.

Today, the elementary and the primary question that haunts is if one will share this “magic voodoo” with everyone, or only a few privileged and lucky ones . The remedy depends on the judgement s one makes and the conduct one takes from that minute onward. One must realize that approach to the Internet accessibility needs to be a concern and reality for all the citizens, that the untrammeled, comprehensive and limitless flow of information and the ready availability of computers for individuals are not merely the matters of “technology.” They are, in fact, the significant key that either opens or locks the doors of opportunity for the youth.

Therefore, it is within one’s own will to determine if this generation is to experience and benefit from the rewards of self-motivation, determination, self-realization and self-discovery, a higher standard of life, and overall a renewed sense of community that derives from an innovative and interactive sharing of information and knowledge. If one makes that leap, and assure and ascertain that every individual has access to the technology and its advancement and the opportunity to learn the proficiency to apply these advance technologies for personal and over all advancement as well as for the common good, India will make a successful and brand new transition and transformation to the millennium, and if one fails, one may leave a legacy smaller than our own inheritance and existence.

In addition, when one gets thorough going to it, it hardly matters what activities the youth power gets involved in at events and organizations – thought out so they have a sense of pride, acquisition, ownership and accomplishment and, ultimately in the end, are left with the feeling, “I can and I will.” Working with peers and experts enhances their abilities and experiences, giving a broader aspect and wonderful chance and opportunity to see beyond their own skills and abilities and to develop a sense of pride and honor for oneself. I firmly believe that when one adds the new technologies and skills to the mix, one can broaden that group experience enormously and create learning relationships and opportunities for engaging the youth power and strength which before has not been possible.... And so young people are in a condition like permanent intoxication, because youth is sweet and they are growing...

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