Is Shisha bad for you?

(Urooj Khan, Okara)

Every year we found a new trend, a new fashion, a new change to the lifestyles, either some of them are good enough while some of them are just to impart negative effects but one doesn't know about. Here I ma gonna hit a point which is gaining more and more popularity among our youngsters, even our Pakistan don't get safe from this. I am talking about an emerging rebuke, the shisha. Although the youngsters of our new generation found it to be the state illustrating that OMG I am looking super cool by bursting out these smokes, and look I got a great talent for making rings of shisha smoke from my super cool mouth!

If you are one of them, you would be thinking off that, please don't say these about this act, shisha is not that much bad. But it is true as well because an addict has always a defensive layer of words for his addiction. Now, most of you would think that shisha blowers are not the addicted people. Then here you are wrong. Shisha smokers are addicted, as it is revealed through various surveys that it is quite hard for shisha smokers to quit from it. Additionally, one could say that I don't do this regularly, it is just an occasional part. Poison is poison either it is consumed daily or after a number of days or couple of weeks. Shisha acts as a chronic poison, it badly affects the lungs, promotes the body to develop cancer, make you prone towards mouth diseases, foster the infections, increases heart problems, badly hits your immune system, and by attacking slowly like a chronic killer it takes you towards the death. It emits nicotine which is so popular for its bad effects.

Recently in the middle east, an outbreak of tuberculosis was cause, and after study it was revealed that the major cause of it was the consumption of shisha among inhabitants. In US and other countries shisha has gained much popularity and is very difficult to emit from this for the country. But here in Pakistan, it is all up on you! Don't promote this, don't do this, and please prevent other from this curse!

Have a Healthy and Happy Life!

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