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Muhammad (PBUH) was born in 571 A. D. in the noblest family of Arabia. His father, Abdullah had died six months before his birth. Prophet’s (PBUH) mother expired when he was six years old and his grandfather (Abdul Mutalib) died after two years. Muhammad (PBUH) , as an orphan, was thereafter, brought up by his uncle (Abu Talib). At the age of twenty five he got married to a lady who had been widowed twice and was fifteen years older than he was. The wedlock led a very happy life till she passed away twenty five years later. Polygamy was rule of the day but Muhammad (PBUH) did not go for second wife during her lifetime.

Muhammad (PBUH) because of his good habits, exemplary conduct, and concern for others, enjoyed good reputation not only in his clan but also those living in Makkah and its surroundings. He never betrayed any body. He was upright and honest. The Quresh called him ‘Sadiq’ (Truthful) and ‘Ameen’ (Trustworthy). But at the age of forty when he announced his Prophet-hood and started calling people to worship none but One God, the Quresh turned against him. However, whenever he faced opposition from the Quresh he would ask them:
“O Quresh! Every moment of my life has been spent in front of your eyes. Tell me if, during
all this time, you have seen any evil in me.”

The Quresh of Makkah proved to be the worst enemy of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as they had taken him and the message he had for whole humanity as the biggest threat to their well established authority, age-old beliefs, traditions and customs. They used every possible method including persuasion, temptation, threats, intimidation, coercion, social boycott, and confinement to the small isolated and enclosed area (Sha’eb-i-Abu Talib) for three years. The persecution, with every passing day, increased in dimension and severity. They forced him to leave Makkah. When Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) established an Islamic state in Madinah they did their utmost to finish it off once for all. They launched many attacks on the Muslims. The other Arab tribes and the Jews also joined hands with them. However, his perseverance, dedication to the cause, determination not to step back from his mission and firm belief in Allah Almighty, helped him not to succumb to the social, economic, ethnic and physical pressures. He continued his efforts with zeal, fervor and vehemence. He was ultimately successful.
The above challenge thrown to the Quresh of Makkah and to all the human beings including the future generations stands till Doom’s Day. No individual, except Muhammad a, has been focus of so much attention of people from all walks of life. The misunderstanding propagated intentionally or unintentionally about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has been removed by many non - Muslim writers, thinkers and men of eminence. Innumerable dignitaries and men of influence: religious stalwarts; research scholars; leading doctors, engineers and scientists; well reputed professors, educationists, writers and poets; high ranking government officials and bureaucrats; superstars, sportsmen, musicians and singers; well established industrialists and businessmen; the triumphant military commanders and strategists; mighty kings and patriarchs; popular presidents and prime ministers; politicians and statesmen enjoying heavy public support, following Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, or Zoroastrianism, through their writings and speeches, have paid homage and rich tribute to Muhammad (PBUH) .

History is unable to present any other person except Muhammad (PBUH) who is a philanthropist, a reformer, a politician, a statesman, a leader, a commander, a strategist, and a king / ruler who exhorted his followers not only through word of mouth but also by setting personal examples, to take care not only of animal and birds but also protect rights of women, orphans, slaves, servants, the poor and the oppressed classes of the society. It was Muhammad a who emphasized upon equality, justice, and tranquility, and complete harmony among clans, tribes and nations. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) taught and also stressed upon his followers to protect human life, honor and property of others. He, through his conduct, taught us that the mutual contracts, may those be between individuals or among nations, must be honored. He is, out of all the human being, towering so high that we can’t find his parallel.

Unlike any other prophet or a man of influence, Muhammad’s (PBUH) life is recorded by the Muslim Traditionalists and his life is like an open book. In fact his mention could be found in the Old and New Testaments and other Scriptures and Divine books. Lane Poole has beautifully described Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), in his poem captioned ‘Dazzling” which is really worth reading.

No individual, except Muhammad (PBUH) , in the annals of human history, has been the focus of so much attention of all types of people. He who changed the course of humanity continues / will continue to serve as a beacon light to the entire ailing humanity. After all why not - he is called the ‘Helper’, the ‘Comforter’, the ‘Advocate’, the ‘Teacher’, ‘Mohammana’ (Muhammad (PBUH) -a paragon of virtues) in the Old and the New Testaments and the Gospel of Barnabas. His mention is also found in the Hindu and Parsi Scriptures. He has been given ninety-nine names by Allah—the Creator of the universe. About him Allah says:
“We have not sent thee but Mercy for all the worlds.” (21:107)

Almighty Allah, besides mentioning many of the attributes of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) , tells us that he is ‘Model of Excellence’:
“He (Prophet Muhammad a) is a model of excellence for all of us.”(The Holy Qur’an 33:21)

Alas! A few insane but pseudo scholars, highly biased persons and with a little knowledge of Islamic history, human values and ethics compelled by their psyche, having lust for reputation (through good or bad activities), and prompted by the Jewish propaganda, started calling the Muslims as ‘Terrorists’ and their Divine Book (the Holy Qur’an) as the ‘Book of Terrorism’. They did not spare even Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) . Through mud slinging by word of mouth, blasphemous writings/acts and filthy messages through social media (This trend is at the peak, and is being encouraged by many) The mentality sick persons are damn busy in tarnishing the personality of Prophet of Muhammad (PBUH) . I am sure if they shed away their prejudices and have, once again, an impartial in- depth study of the Holy Qura’n, Islam, life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Islamic history, many misgivings will disappear and the facts, when comprehended properly, will force them to change their opinion (God willing).
The Second Vatican Council (1962-1965) through its Document “Lumen Gentium” (nearly 150 pages) washed the misunderstanding created about Allah, Islam, Qura’n, the Last Prophet (PBUH) and Jihad by declaring:
“The Muslims profess the faith of Abraham (f) and worship with us the sole merciful
God, who is future judge of men) on the day of Reckoning.”
The document opposes the wildly spread notion of ‘Islam’, religion of fear’ and advocates that ‘Islam, is religion of love’ – love of one’s neighbor based on faith in God.
Refuting the wrong notion spread by Christians and Jews that Muslim morality hardly exists and Islamic Fanaticism (Author – a potent threat to world peace, as propagated these days), the Council commented:
“In fact Islam was hardly any more fanatical during its history than the sacred bastions
of Christianity whenever the Christian faith took on, as it were, a political value”.

The Council quotes expression from the Holy Qur’an how in the West the expression ‘Holy War’ has been miss-translated; “In Arabic it is Al-Jihad fi sabil Allah, the effort on God’s road”, “The effort to spread Islam and defend it against aggressors.” The Document continues: “The Jihad is not at all the Biblical kherem; it does not lead to extermination, but to the spreading of God’s and man’s rights to new lands”. - “The past violence of the jihad generally followed the rules of war; at the time of the Crusades moreover, it was not always the Muslims that perpetrated the worst slaughters.” Alas! This change in thoughts – demonstration of sincerity and open mindedness which is in contrast to the centuries old attitude, did not continue.

Muhammad (PBUH) told the whole mankind (This included all those as well who would be born till Dome’s Day) that God is One and only He should be worshipped and to Him every one of us is answerable. Allah Almighty will, on the Day of Judgment, reward the believers according to their good or bad deeds. But the unbelievers, irrespective of their good or bad deeds in this worldly life, will be thrown into the inferno of Hell and stay there till endless time.
In the presence of the Last Sermon (Delivered by Prophet Muhammad a in Arafat, Makkah on 9th of Zilhajj to the congregation of 1,24,000 Muslim pilgrims) can some individual claim that Magnacarta of Human Rights is more comprehensive and affords better guarantee to the oppressed and ailing mankind? Women’s rights, much talked about in the West, are far more protected in Islam than in any other system prevalent in the world. The followers of Islam not only propagated the teaching of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) but also acted upon them in their lives.

The instructions contained in the Last Sermon, if put into practice in various spheres of our life, can help us to a great extent in alleviating the miseries of the ailing humanity. May God grant us courage to shun away our prejudices and remove all the misgivings spread about the holy Qur’an, Islam, the Last Prophet (PBUH) and his followers. However, time is not far when such misgivings will die down.

The West is illumined that the dreadful end of their cilization can be avoided by degrading Prophet Muhammad a through derogatory remarks and blasphemous acts / writings, weakening Islam through use of force and satanic efforts against the Muslims. However, the West will soon realize that there is no comparison of:
Homosexuality with natural course to satisfy sexual urge; nudity and vulgarity with chastity; the
unharnessed liberalism with the moral values of Muslim society; Bushism / Obamaism and
now Trumpism with Jihad; Trinity with Monotheism; the ringing bells of the church with Azan
(Call for prayers) from mosques; immoral pursuits of the priests with chastity of the Muslim ;
scholars; the nuns (leading forced bachelor life) with the Muslim women (enjoying right of
Let there be no suspicion that the Western civilization, headed by U S, despite her scientific and technological advancement, is not capable of winning the war waged against Islam on all fronts especially the media. The contradictions in the Bible, the superstitious beliefs of the Christians, the unnatural foundation Christianity is standing on, and ever increasing thirst of the Christians for the Truth, will soon crumble this civilization.

Islam, with a far superior ideology, certainly, like the past, is capable of bearing the present onslaught. The “Clash of Civilizations” will surely doom the inferior ideology. The Truth will, as ever, emerge out of this clash. Should the West accept the reality (Islam) or continue harping on Jews’ tune and let itself wear out in the on-going war called the “Clash of Civilizations” and thus meet the destined end?

A reader is requested to go through the Holy Qur’an with an unbiased mind and decide at his/her own about the noble message contained therein, the traditions (Hadit) of Muhammad a , his life history (Seerat) and the Last Sermon.

In the end I request the reader to join me in the prayer (revealed to and taught to the Muslims by Muhammad (PBUH) , the Last Prophet (PBUH) of Allah, with all humbleness:
“O God! Show us the right path, the path of those whom Thou hast blessed. Not of
those who incurred Your wrath, nor of the astray.” (The Holy Qur’an 1:5-7)
“O God! Exhort in us the courage to make correct and timely decision and thus we save ourselves and our future generations from a dreadful end. Aameen (May be it so)!”

Blasphemous writings regarding Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) are appearing on Social Media. This act is mainly due to two reasons: either the individual involved is totally ignorant about the personality of Prophet of Muhammad (PBUH) and the “Ehsan” Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has done to all of us and our coming generations or the blasphemous activity is going on at the behest of somebody having nefarious motives and we, because of our ignorance, are just playing on his tune. Whatever may be the case, I am sure every sane person on this Planet will condemn this trend as the same is detrimental to peace, tranquility and harmony among human beings and their coming generations. I, through my humble effort, have tried to wash away misgivings held about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) .

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