Symbosis relationship of media with rulers:

(Nayab Fatima, )

Media's theories are different from media's practices. It's main focus is to fulfill the interest of rulers and it's policies are entirely based on how to multiply the profit.

This negative role of media is discussed with the theory, in Al-jazeera website, article named"Media theorised". Below analysis is based on the only one part of the article.

A writer Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman criticised the practices of media, in their work named "Manufacturing consent" which means "making only those products which are sold in market".

To demonstrate media's theory, the article started with video, which expose the media's practical performance. It shows that media's most important tool is propaganda. Media knows the methods of manipulation and the forces know how to use media for acquiring their interest. Media functions through five filters. Media ownership, advertising money, media blide, media flake, the common enemy.

A Kashmiri journalist Uzma falak further explains how "manufacturing consent" is applicable to kashmir's media.

Media performs a role of creating a bridge between the ruler or millitary and the public. The native public rely on the media to get information, education and entertainment. So this class is vulnerable to media's content, so it is easy for media to form the opinion. Hence, it is aimed that media should be unbaised, neutral and should deliver all the aspects of stories, provide all the sides and angles, and should leave it on people to have an opinion from the given information.

Apparently, media affirms that it checks the political power, reforms the public, serves the public, get them engage in political powers. But practically, it portray a biased story, inclined towards a particular dominant and powerful group.

In this article, authors perfectly compared the empire/ruler with a factory and media with machine, said "The wall of the empire is made by the media's content and media has a power to designed the wall with the bricks of diversified angle". In media these bricks are in the shapes of images and sounds, with the use of these bricks, media creates desired stories, and the empire would judge by these stories. Generally media produces stories which are indulgence of an empire, for their personal (money making) interest. Their is no brake on media's debased activities, new journalists come and become a part of this same corrupt media politics.

Uzma Falak critically apply these media's behaviours with the media of kashmir. In Kashmir, the empire is millitary forces, so here media's activities are in the hand of military. The military forces consider media itself a force which could multiply their pseudo heroism infront of public. The media do not report, what is actually happening in the media, how people lose their lives and how military brutally treat the kashmiris, but only shows how military forces fight with the enthusiastic riots and terrorists.

She said, "The war of Kashmir was not only between the states but it seems that media took battle as it own". This is so true, by going through media's report regarding kashmir, it seems that, one war is on going on kashmir and other one is on media. Indian media uses the words and phrases, which declare kashmiris as terrorists and military forces as heroes. For making sound opinion about military, media also does scripted programs. For ing her statements she gave statements of Indian journalists and analysts.

If any journalist, channel, or newspaper took any step against military, got banned. And the social media which is considered as a voice of common man was also blocked in order to maintain the military's reputation and conceal their cruelty.

The dirty symbiosis relation of the military with the media is enlightened, when girl who was in favour of kashmir army, but after watching a film "Till Then the road carry her... and Iffat Fatima blood leaves" she changed her perception and acknowledged that, she never saw that side of story before, in any local media.

Therefore, it is said that the media is somehow compelled for running it's business. It would only perform the duty, which accommodates of government, cooperation, big institutions or any titan. This is not only practice in US or India, but media operates in the similar manner all over the world.

Now it is up to us(general public), to think atleast a once whatever media delineates and try to find the other sides too. The decision is in our hand, do we want to put ourselves in unimportant position or show our power by resistance?

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