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The word feminist comes from feminism, which originally meant simply "being feminine", or being " A Woman". Feminism is a good thing it means that, women and men should have equal rights and opportunities. It is an organized activity on behalf of women's rights and interests. But don't you think that some women misuse the concept of feminism, and twist it for their own purpose.

All women said that they support feminism and on the other side they want some benefits for being women like they want seat in public transport, because he is men he have to stand and gave seat to her because she is woman. Women believed that they supported feminism but its fact that every women wants some protocol for being a women there are many comforts for women as compare to men she supposed to be innocent and a men supposed to be cruel master villian, it is wrong men are the main pillars of society and have a power to handle a women to take her all responsibility and fulfill with love and care every women wants a men who trying to feel her special. And there is so many work that are not exist without men he has a power in their arms and women doesn't reach at that power we have to except it and stop the noise of so called equal rights.

Lets take a recent example of misuse the concept of feminism " A reporter of k21 channel who is a female had slapped by the guard beacuse she provoked him and Almost getting touchy with him on this action the guard reacted and he slapped her because according to Newton's law "their is always equal and opposite reaction". No doubt, to hit a woman is really against the ethics but, was the reporter follow the rules of journalism is she has a right to provok anybody and force to answered her question, No its totally wrong. If the guard were in place of reporter and she slapped him Is anbody support him either he is innocent or not? The issue is too much highlighted because she was a women and had a slapped by men.

Women have wrongly used feminism to their advantages and that is the reson probably why males are so vary of it are going against feminism. Their is no doubt that women are equally capable with men in almost every field, but it is equally true that many women misuse the rights given to them.

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