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The intension to write this article is to highlight how media is portraying the key issues of public with ethical standards? To determine the responsibility of media, and focusing on what media is potraying is a public interest or not? What public want to see and what media portraying. According to the social responsibility theory, Media should accepted and fulfil certain and obligation of society. Media should accepting and applying these obligations, media should be self regulating. Social responsibility are introduced because their was a belief that in media there are educated and manner able people who have a guts to change the society and to run the society in a right track, thats why media became independent to spread peace in society, and to highlight the issues of society for their betterment.

But Now a days, not only in Pakistan, but almost every media doing Agenda setting , yellow journalism and use media for their own interest. They forget all the ethics, rules and regulations of media. In 19th century Media declared not as a business domain but it can be used for public interest. Today the sports series like Pakistan super league ( PSL) is more important for a media to make a lead of a newspaper except the increasing price of petrol which is actually effected in the life of a common people. Today the Army operation, panama case, PM statement and so many no serious issues are discussed in front page of a newspaper, and the newspaper now a days, don't have a space even for a news, the newspaper is totally under the control of advertisers, there are so many colorful advertisement published in newspaper if we say that "now we read news among the advertisement not advertisements among the news" so it would not be wrong.

Journalism now a days became dangerous it could make any CHAI WALA a famous personality or it is also a tool of murder. In media they start taken bribes and exchange news, they can manipulate the news as well for their own interest. Now media institutions are pressurized and under the hands of powerful politicians, they used media for their own interest and run as they want. So, the question is where is that media which was discussed in social responsibility theory?

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