Generation Gap

(Farwa Sajjad, KARACHI)

Generation gap refers to differences in actions, beliefs, interests, and opinions that exist between people of different age groups and generations. Generational gap means difference in thoughts, lifestyle, interest, opinions in short every aspect of life among people of different age group. The generation constitute of three phases i.e. childhood, youngster (middle life) and old age.

One factor which influences generation gaps is the increasing rate of change in society. With quick changes in science and innovation, the presentation, which today's adolescent is getting, is huge. Esteem frameworks have progressively worsened and the adolescent is absorbing another culture. Another factor is the increased mobility of society. Previously, society was not mobile. Usually people live in the same country and area. Access to information was also limited. But with the passage of time progressive changes takes place.

Generation gap not only reflects the choice of dresses but also music and behaviour patterns. The younger generation has developed a different set of mind. People of the middle life are of new generation who have a completely changed mind status therefore, it is difficult for them to let people make understand them. In such cases, they have to face parent’s ignorance and harsh attitude. What they might think is correct is absolutely wrong in their parent’s eyes. Because of this parent’s and even elders think that youngsters and children are disrespecting them.

Generation gap results in conflicts, major and minor sometimes leading to arguments like situations. But, generation gap has certain peculiar determinants. This is owing to the fact that each generation has its own trends and its own ways to look at things and interpret them. A generation gap is considered a negative quality, indicating that the disparity between two people is due to their age context. However, perhaps one advantage of a generation gap is that a younger person could learn from the wisdom and experience that an older person has acquired with age.

To avoid this problem parents and elders one should be up to date and also aware about modern technologies. Communication is the best way to bridge the gap. Kids must comprehend their constraints. In the event that they go past that it will be troublesome for them. It is the obligation of the guardians that they make their children comprehend their impediment and characterize a limit for them. This is accomplished for the advantage of the kids with the goal that they realize what is correct and what isn't right for them. Moreover, if you feel that your kids are slighting you then tell that on the off chance that they need regard they have to offer it to other individuals as well. This is a lifetime lesson which they have to learn as it is not restricted to their home but rather likewise when they go out and work in any association.

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