Advantages on positive use of YouTube – Improvement in Life

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)

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YouTube is a world renowned web company established in the year 2005 by three Americans; Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim who were ex-employees of PayPal. It is operating as a subsidiary of Google from its headquarters situated in California. It is the 2nd largest search engine that viewed broadly in all over the world. It is basically a video-sharing and hosting company that displays video clips, TV show clips, music videos, documentary films, audio recordings and other videos and audio clips based on multiple subjects. There are multiple advantages by positive using of YouTube that can bring improvement in the life. The selected advantages are:
1. IT learning and Knowledge: YouTube is providing both services, i.e., entertainment service and information service. It depends upon a person what he wants to use. Whether he is thirsty of knowledge or entertainment. Gigantic information materials are available at YouTube through which all knowledge-eager and users may enhance knowledge. Moreover, with the continuous use of YouTube the insight of IT is increased by way of uploading, downloading videos, by way of watching informative videos, by sharing videos and photos, by viewing articles. All these activities strike the brain that in return opens the new spheres and domains of knowledge that are certainly helpful to all users of YouTube.

2. Broadcast Video: YouTube facilitates users of all over the world to broadcast their videos by uploading them so that they may be watched by millions of people of the world. Through video they can project themselves and their associated links to benefit themselves if their intention is positive.
3. Free of Cost: The main advantage of YouTube is that it is free. Not a single penny is spent in sharing, uploading and downloading videos. The other useful information is also got free of cost. It is providing great services to billions of people of the world that is striking and real. YouTube also saves money as there is no need to purchase any editing software and other computer related gadgets.

4. Deletion Facility: It may be kept in mind that YouTube is a public place also a popular place of internet. There is a great rush of human traffic towards it. Millions of people upload comments and videos on it, but some are offensive and obscene. YouTube provides the option of deletion through Video Manager and Login. By using this option one can delete all outdated videos or all such videos being misused. Further all offensive and obscene comments lying in YouTube can also be got deleted to avoid any negative consequences. One can also report about offensive videos or comments placed on YouTube that would be entertained accordingly.

5. Boosting Business UP: With the use of YouTube Channel one can boost his business up by way of promoting his products, his services, his logo, his role as well as his goodwill. It provides a means of advertisement for his product and services through uploading commercial videos for a specified time. In this way the recognition of a product or service becomes outreach that is helpful to get revenues by selling out the products or services to all over the world. Also it grows the audience worldwide that causes of promotion. YouTube facilitates the users to reach the media by making it simple and economical.

6. Feedback: YouTube provides the option of feedback to all users enabling them to give advice, comments on news, videos, plays and other activities running on YouTube.

7. Expand Contacts: Millions and Millions of people watch YouTube that causes to increase the contacts. The new contact makes new customers and new customers make additional revenues that open the door of new business domains. Through YouTube people get better knowledge about each other in a few times. This interaction and knowledge facilitates them to have sound contact with the people of the world to make a good dealing.

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