A Jovial Special Marriage Ceremony of a Special Couple

(Abdul Rehman Mir, Islamabad)

Special Groom in Normal Dress

Ali Hussain is a very SPECIAL Person from Sermik valley of Skardu Baltistan who has just tied the knot with a very Special partner. He can neither speak nor listen the hateful, wile and deceptive language of the Normal human beings even then he always spends his time with the so called-perfect fellows. His company is harmless for every fellow who lives and spends time and work with him. I always see beauty and smartness on his appearance without considering deafness and dumbness. He always serves the people as a helping hand and entertain them as an entertainer through his wordless gestures and language.

On the spot of (Baqzder) a local festivity to observe the love between the newly wedded couple, a witness said that it was his first ever heart touching experience to see the ceremony of Baqzder. Both the couples were jovially sharing love that was felt by everyone when they served food to each other in a spiritually exciting manner. It seemed that the Normal people were just alien to both of them as they had their SPECIAL language that nobody even could listen but both communicated enthusiastically.

Generally, Special persons are not counted as active members of the society or nations that is a prejudice and biasness against their rights as they have their domains and visions of living their life which is redundant for the normal people or the society. According to a special person at Islamabad, when was asked about the normal people said that we the normal people are like donkeys and monkeys as we do not understand their special language. If his judgment is impartially measured we would be astonished and wondered that it is a bitter reality that we do not understand special language. Hence, it can be said that majority is authority on this planet as special persons are found rarely around us. He further said, if the normal people learn Special language, it would be beneficial for the communities nationally and international as the special person have their unique and rationale style of solving problems.

Ali Husain a twenty three years old Special person is also a member of an active society got married this week. His marriage ceremony was celebrated by hundreds of normal people in the valley in a very strange manner in the beginning as they had developed very vague fallacies about the zeal and zest of the special persons. We underestimate their existence and taste of life without knowing about their feelings and exultation. The people were astonished and marveled when they witnessed the unique and nature love and feelings shared by the Special couple on the spot of their (Baqzder) festivity. Everyone was naturally excited to see and feel the real essence of love between the couple as they demonstrated jovially leaving a lesson to the normal people. The beauty, peace, love, excitement, affection and prosperity do not dwell in the obnoxious-language of the normal people but needs natural and spiritual feelings.

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