How do government control drug addiction in Pakistan.

(Hira Zahid, Karachi)

As an underdeveloped country, Pakistan is facing drug addiction problem besides its other major problems, for years. In the last few decades, drug addiction has increased exponentially in Pakistan. Most of the illegal drugs come from the neighbouring Afghanistan. According to the UN estimate, 6.7 million people in the country are drug users. The rate of injection drug abuse has also increased significantly in Pakistan, sparking fears of an HIV epidemic.

Although, the increase in the problem has been alarming, the government response has been minimal at best. Few programs are active in the country to help drug addicts and smuggling and availability of the drugs in the country has gone almost unchecked.

Government needs to take measures on a serious note to help decrease the use of drugs in the youth of country. Based on a little research I have made, here's what I think our government can do to reduce and possibly eliminate drug addiction in the country;

The thing that can help the most is, they can invest in anti-drug education. As education has no boundaries, it should be taught often, it should be taught to the teachers, in the schools, in the street corners, in the hospitals, in the trains and buses to the rich and poor, old and young.

A little knowledge can go a long way in curbing the demand and allure of drugs.

On the other hand, it is observed that per-capital the majority of drug abuse(legal and illegal) occurs in poor developing countries. So what can a country do? Create good jobs.

There are many initiatives that a government can do to create better jobs. One of them is to create a better education workforce. Another is to promote investment, both internal and foreign. And yet, another is to establish a brand that is exportable and has value around the world.

There is some truth to the old adage "idle hands are the devil's workshop."

Some studies have shown that of the drug addicts, that seek help at rehabilitation clinics, about 50% recover. With the proper program, education and support it can help the addicts to kick the habit.

The above mentioned things require commitment from multiple government agencies and their leaders, as they are not so easy to be accomplished. I, as a citizen of Pakistan look forward to the government to take these steps on an early basis and let the country's youth grow.

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