Rights of Women

(Jannat Aqsa, Karachi)

Women, who can be said as a God’s complete creation and she is considered as a symbol of love, care, gentleness both in love and in hate. In case of rights of women so these are the rights that promotes legal and social equality of women with men. The 1981 convention that was signed by UNO too has clearly said that women should be given political, economical, social, the rights to own and dispose of property, civil rights, legal rights, contract and divorce rights, the marriage, the parental rights, the freedom of higher and basic education too. These are the rights that is accepted by every individual around the globe but not given to mostly women population. WOMEN living in urban or rural area, in Pakistan or anywhere on the earth she should not get deprived of these basic rights for living.

Being Muslim women is given great importance and value in Islam but in our society she is the victim of violence and sexual harassments in their professions. Pakistan is an independent Islamic state and Islam it self says that women and man have equal rights in all aspects of life. The reason of not giving basic rights to women is low literacy rate in the rural and backward areas of Pakistan. People are not getting educated, they are not aware about what are rights and treating women like the slaves at their homes and giving priority to the birth of man like the old traditions. Women are thrown acid on their faces, buried alive and young girls are raped, they are forces to get married even below the age of 16. They are treated like slaves who work 24 hours to perform home chaos.

- Educate community members at national and international level about women rights.
- Promote peaceful resolutions.
- Spread the messages about disadvantages of enforced early child marriages.
- We should make first ourself aware, and take participation for the awareness of our community, society, city, province and the country too.

‘women rights are human right’

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