Ladies, who can be said as a God's entire creation

(Sameer Ali Khan, karachi)

Ladies, who can be said as a God's entire creation and she is considered as an image of affection, mind, tenderness both in adoration and in despise. If there should be an occurrence of privileges of ladies so these are the rights that advances lawful and social correspondence of ladies with men. The 1981 tradition that was marked by UNO too has unmistakably said that ladies ought to be given political, temperate, social, the rights to claim and discard property, social liberties, lawful rights, contract and separation rights, the marriage, the parental rights, the opportunity of higher and fundamental training as well. These are the rights that is acknowledged by each person around the world however not given to for the most part ladies populace. Ladies living in urban or rustic region, in Pakistan or anyplace on the earth she ought not get denied of these essential rights for living.


Being Muslim ladies is given extraordinary significance and incentive in Islam yet in our general public she is the casualty of brutality and inappropriate activities in their callings. Pakistan is an autonomous Islamic state and Islam it self says that ladies and man have parallel rights in all parts of life. The reason of not giving essential rights to ladies is low education rate in the country and in reverse territories of Pakistan. Individuals are not getting taught, they don't know about what are rights and treating ladies like the slaves at their homes and offering need to the introduction of man like the old customs. Ladies are tossed corrosive on their countenances, covered alive and young ladies are assaulted, they are strengths to get hitched even underneath the age of 16. They are dealt with like slaves who work 24 hours to perform home disorder.

Step by step instructions to ERADICATE VIOLENCE :-

- Educate people group individuals at national and universal level about ladies rights.

- Promote quiet resolutions.

- Spread the messages about drawbacks of upheld early youngster relational unions.

- We should make first ourself mindful, and take investment for the consciousness of our group, society, city, area and the nation as well.

'ladies rights are human right'


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