150th Anniversary Of Canada: Let’s Pledge To Serve Country Better

(Javed Zaheer, Toronto)

TORONTO: On July 1, 2017, Canadians worldwide celebrated the 150th anniversary of Canada, also known as the 150th anniversary of Confederation.

The country has not only made great progress but attracted millions of people from all over the globe to visit and settle here. People are allowed to freely practice their religion.

They are encouraged to protect and promote cultural and social values. Throughout the year we witness the festivals and celebrations. Once people who make Canada their home hardly go back, particularly their children and grandchildren.

The 150th celebration included massive fireworks and celebrations at hundreds of places all over Canada. Speeches were held on the role and tremendous contributions of Canada and Canadians of various communities, origins and countries.

The celebrations always provide us the opportunity to pledge to serve the country and the people in much better ways. The 150 years were full of tremendous struggle.

The newcomers from all over the world, who were mostly recognized professionals, specialists and highly skilled personnel serving on top positions in their respective countries, and highly educated people, struggled extremely hard to become a part of the Canadian system and society. The government guides and supports them in the best possible ways

However new policies and policy changes are badly needed to allow them to play their important role in the progress and prosperity of Canada. Canada must benefit fully from the rich experiences and excellent expertise.

The government must come forward to sincerely help and support them after listening to their genuine grievances and their desire to serve Canada. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, like his father, is doing a lot for all. This is the time to seriously consider this important issue as well. Justin Trudeau has the ability to do remarkable and memorable things.

NEPMCC: The National Ethnic Press & Media Council of Canada organized the `Canada Day 2017’ 150 Celebrations on July 1, 2017, at the Cypriot Community Centre, 6 Thorncliffe Park Drive, Toronto.

It was a selected gathering of distinguished personalities. Rob Oliphant, MP for Don Valley West, Toronto, represented Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He spoke on the role and progress of Canada and said that Canada is a leader in human rights, civil rights, economy and socialization and we have to maintain this status.

Rob Oliphant praised the role and tremendous contributions of Thomas S. Saras, CEO and President of NEPMCC, and his daughter Maria. They were presented medals by Rob Oliphant on behalf of the Government of Canada in recognition of their meritorious services. Rob said 100 medals would be distributed to recognize others. It was a well organized event.

The way Thomas S. Saras works is a great source of motivation and inspiration for all. Now his daughter is supporting him in managing the NEPMCC. It is a wonderful father-daughter combination.

Thomas has the wonderful ability and understanding to successfully work with all communities and help and support them genuinely.

LOVE & RESPECT: It was an honour for the Pakistani community when Thomas invited Syed Muhammad Iqbal, President of Pak Seniors Forum, and three others as special guest. This shows the great love and respect he has for the Muslim and Pakistani community.

Syed Muhammad Iqbal keeps an eye on national and international affairs. He remains in contact with investors and important people. When they visit Canada, he connects them with investors.

SHAHID HASHMI: Shahid Hashmi, Chairman, Canpak Chamber of Commerce, and a distinguished personality is in Canada for decades and keeps playing the very important role of building bridges, connecting and introducing people and helping and supporting them. His whole family including wife Seema Hashmi and other family members are his team members and keep supporting him.

Shahid Hashmi, on June 16, 2017, organized a selected gathering. The special guests were Sohail Rana, legendary music director, Nazimuddin Maqbool, who is doing the extremely important work for promotion of Urdu. Hundreds of children are his students and benefiting from his efforts and contribution.

His latest book based on his travels and articles was also presented and sold to the people. Iqbal, son of the famous and great community leader late Major Abbas, of Muslim Welfare Centre, also spoke on the occasion and highlighted the work being done by the MWC. He collected a lot of donation from the people on the occasion. The credit goes to Shahid Hashmi for the collection.

Shahid Hashmi praised the launching of Eid stamp by the Canada Post and highlighted values based on Quran. Sohail Rana showed to the audience the Sitara-e-Imtiaz award he received from the Government of Pakistan.
Iftar party was also organized on the occasion by Shahid and Seema Hashmi.

There are several leading Pakistanis who are playing important roles and contributing tremendously. There is a need to motivate others to come forward and serve in a much better way. The Pakistani and other Muslim communities strongly believe in promotion of cultural and religious values and socialization, which is evident on festivals like Eids, Ramazan, Eid, Milad-un-Nabi, Muharram and others. Now Pakistanis and Muslims are in politics, parliaments and on important positions. Those in parliaments and important positions must focus on building bridges and seriously helping and solving the issues and problems of the community members. They must keep a good distance from hypocrites and exploiters, who only focus on their vested interests and tarnish the reputation of the community.


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