The Highly Ranked Man

(Syed Asad Ali, karachi)

A Men is incomplete without a women Men and women both are created for each other, This is a nature’s verdict and no one can deny this witty evidence. If one is denying this fact then maybe he or she is vulnerable and does not contain guts to accept what is told by Almighty. Almighty Allah designed and created each and everything with some certain planning, even animals have this same hunger bu they don’t have minds. We as human beings and Muslims don’t want to adopt Islamic rituals and culture ,We are quite content in adopting Western cultures as we don’t want to take responsibilities ,We don’t know what is the meaning of compassion and what is to support someone in someone’s thick and thin times but if someone understands Almighty message and someone thinks on a large scale that a woman needs a man to make her feel content ,relaxed and complete then he will definitely do what our Prophets have done before but still some people think that by marrying a girl they are now own the kingdom and they can do anything which can cause a woman to blackmail or harming them or assaulting them badly .

The Highly ranked husband is the one who treat his wife in a soft, ethical manner and be always good for laugh, A one who fulfills all her rights without ignoring or denying the facts. A one who not gazes or stare at other women except his wife. A one who equates or share his luxurious life with his wife. A one who don’t assault his wife providing and knowing that there is no reason. A one who keeps a strong eye on good deeds and ignore the little imperfections in his wife. A one who stand by with his wife in the critical circumstances’ like in the days of sorrows and illness. One who keep his wife in a membrane and take care of her respect and protect her prestige One who also keep protected from stigma and disrespect. One who keep persuading his wife to follow Islam and follow the pave of Shariat.One who is not a stingy in his wife expenses. One who takes full command over his wife so that she never leads to misguidance and never leads to doing false acts

Just think and judge yourself that if you want to mark yourself as a highly rated man in this world and the world hereafter so try to be humble and grounded and respect women to the best you can. They are not the ones to play with. Before playing with them think100 times that your mom is also a woman and reason for you because she is the one that gave you the birth and nourished you so well not for doing some crap stuff but to do some nice and good deeds not to downgrade or demolish anyone.Bring your attention towards the points that can lead you to be a highly ranked man

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