Islam in the Eyes of a Muslim and a Liberal

(Syed Asad Ali, Karachi)

From a Muslim point of perspective something this is quite clear that he or she comes up in this universe with a purpose to do and at the same time he or she has a 100 percent faith that Allah is the only one who is the superior of all and the whole divine belongs to him. At the other side of the life a person who becomes secular forcefully or by knowing the actual facts of the books and the preaching of their scholars that whatever the books sounding and whatever their scholars are preaching is totally against their frame of mind.

Muslims contain the nature of being orthodox towards Islam, Muslims are more inclined towards spirituality and remains focused on praying from dawn to dusk. Muslims follow the righteous path in order to attain consent of Allah and always look to enlighten their heart by reciting “Holy Quran” to feel good out of themselves. Islam to Muslims is like a complete law through which they can remain united and brotherly towards each other. Islam helps them to solve their everyday routine ambiguities and through many researches, Researchers calculated that Islam is that religion which gives complete rights to a woman than any other religion. If you want to draw light on a secular life style they know this witty fact that there is one Allah (God), But they know if they take a decision to follow Islam, it will be a disaster for them. They carry a different frame of mind that life becomes a circle of obstacles and they will get bound they don’t feel the vibes of being an independent because liberal or secular is a symbolic representation of do whatever you want to, no one will stop you, you feel that car is a reason to love and money is the strongest magnet in life to get them you have every right to own it and use it wherever your mind takes you, regardless of what sins you do and what will be the after math’s of it

In my opinion, don’t try to spoil your life by being a secular for temporarily temptations of life you don’t need to put your head down towards worldly attractions one will get it in the end as a gift from Allah in Jannah if one remains honest with this beautiful religion that is Islam .

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