Let Me Fly

(khizra, karachi)

I have been born single and free.. yes I am a free bird and let me fly..i want to discover the world myself.. I want to live a life of my own.. I want to look around..i want to fly to new places.. I want to get experiences. I want to learn to handle my problems alone. I want to discover my abilities. I want to know myself also. I want to discover “inner me” I am a free bird and let me do so. Because it is my basic right. To do what I want to do. Once I am out of the cocoon I am no longer a kid. Once I have grown up. I can make up my decision. Once I acquire maturity I am able to find out my way.

Now you may say. ”o really? Have you grown up? You can make up your decisions? You have become mature enough? you can find out you own way? Okay,go on.. we will also see how much grown up and mature you are.”

Please guys! give it a break! Do not over react! Do not over think! Do not be so sensitive. Try to be a little patient. Try to understand what it is all about!

Each individual on this earth is born free. He has a right to live a life of his own. He has a right to make up his decisions his own way. He has a right to do and say what he has to do and say, once he is an adult individual. (this does not imply to children, but only adults). Problem comes when we are not able to understand others. When we don’t allow them to lead a life their way to decide what they want to plan for themselves for the future. When we direct all our decisions over them. Truth is we do not trust them, our own children. We fear that they will destroy their lives once they are given an authority to plan their future their way. its only a fear and Nothing else. it doesn’t mean that a pre medical student is only born to be a doctor, or a pre engineering student born to be an engineer, nor does this means that a doctor or engineer or anyone else, is not accepted as a good writer,painter,speaker, cook or anything else what he or she wants to do.People may be born multitasked, or it may be so that we are unable to recognize them correctly of what they actually are. it may be so that at one point of life they realize that they can do something better, something according to their personality, something according to their interests, and something according to their capabilities and there may be a possibility that they can do it better or even in the best way as compared to all others. It may be so that because of your stubborn and harsh attitude, these golden stars: the writers, speakers, painters,poets,cooks etc may be lost somewhere and the world may be in need of all these shining stars. The world may be looking out for them but they may be hidden in a place where they cannot be easily found by anyone.

We need to understand that everyone requires a free space to breathe in. No one wants to get suffocated by polluted air around him. It is essential for everyone to get clean and fresh air to breathe. It’s a basic need. It’s a necessity. We cannot take it away from anyone. We cant eliminate all their reasons to live. We can’t suffocate anyone towards death. It’s a really big crime. We have to learn to adapt ourselves according to circumstances. Its very difficult to understand people especially our close ones whom we really care for. But we don’t know how we make their lives real miserable. We make it hard for them. We demand a lot from them. We do not fulfill their desires. We are not according to their expectations. This is what mentally tortures them. This is what their real problem with us is. This is what they have complains with us about. This is why distances come in between the primary relationships. We need to understand others. We need to be patient, we need to learn to compromise, we need to learn to give everyone a space. We need not to shut in the free birds inside a cage. We need to learn to let them fly in an open air around them, to discover their ways and to reach their destinations. Because one day the same birds will be thankful to us. They will be happy with us.

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