Respected Beggars of Society

(Fawad Khan, India)

Customs and rituals exist in every society but with time few have turned cruel and are difficult to be followed. In Subcontinent, Dowry is part of culture for ages.
Dowry is a type of gift given by bride’s family to bride groom in form of furniture, electronic accessories, cash etc. Nowadays, dowry has turned into worst competition in the society where so called literate people just to show off their status are giving expensive items and telling everyone about it.
Unfortunately, where a girl fails to bring dowry according to groom family’s expectation, she is liable to hear taunts for rest of her life.
The irony continues as groom’s family has turned into respected beggars of our society. The dialogues echo in bride’s drawing room
“We don’t demand anything from you. You are giving all to your daughter.”
“From where are you ordering furniture? We gave our daughter from that shop. It worth only three hundred thousand.”
“We prefer only this brand for electronic accessories”.
Demanding suits for ten maternal uncles and their spouses, the girl’s marriage has turned into the biggest burden for a girl’s family.
Many have consumed loans on highest rate of interest just to ensure that there is no one to accuse their daughter at groom’s house. No religion in subcontinent supports the idea of dowry.
Unfortunately, this social issue has not been yet addressed in the way it has infected the whole society. Making a law against this is not beneficial as bride’s family is intimated that groom’s family may broke the marriage.
It is necessary to raise awareness about dowry and make male members of the society realize that a person who has given you his daughter cannot give anything more expensive than that. It is necessary for government to include this in syllabus, so with gradual process this curse can be eradicated from the society.

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