Soldier's Thoughts

(Tariq Rahim (Soldiers Thoughts), Pakistan)

I want a new life.
One with an aim.
The aim that I lost somewhere in my mind.
The aim that died at some stage of my life.
I have to make that aim alive again,for which I have to live again.
The aim of becoming a soldier. A soldier with a cause.
A cause to defend my homeland and to protect the people of my country.
No matter what cost I have to pay.
So I'm going to battle zone tonight and if I ended up with my ammo or if I receive so many bullets in my chest or if my team couldn't rescue me. Well, just know that I'm alright I wasn't afraid to die. I'm a soldier born to die.
I don't want my teenage queen just give me my AK-47 to fight with enemies (kharjis).
If I die in battle zone, cover me up (my body)inside Pakistan 🇵🇰 flag.
Box me up and send me home. Put my medals on my chest. Tell my mom your son fought with bravery and receive bullets on his chest not on his back. Tell my nation not to cry 😭.
I was a soldier born to die....

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