Domestic Violence in Pakistan

(Saad Ismail, Karachi)

According to Dawn newspaper almost half of the women in Pakistan have suffered from some form of domestic violence. Most women suffer from domestic violence either by their spouse or her in laws. One of the main reasons for a women suffering from domestic violence is infertility. Infertility in Pakistan is mostly though to be due to problems in women. Hence, the husband or her in laws beat or abuse the women.

The major problem with Domestic violence in Pakistan is that many people find it acceptable to abuse their wife and that’s why very few people raise voice against this social issue. But they fail to realize that this eventually results in lots of mental and physical problems for the women which can result in serious health complications.

One of the worst things that could happen to women due to domestic violence is that she may lose her ability to give birth to a child. Sometimes the women are subject to so much physical abuse that their nervous system gets damaged and they are deprived of their reproductive ability.

What is even grimmer is that Physical and Mental abuse is only the tip of the iceberg because these women suffer from several types of domestic abuse with the major ones in Pakistan being:

1) Dowry Deaths: Dowry is a curse of our culture where the family of the bride has to give the groom lots of gift and wealth because simply giving their daughter isn’t enough. However, when the families fail to give dowry to the groom then the bride is slated through severe beatings as the groom and his family think that beating the girl is supposed to make up for dowry. In this regard thousands of women have been killed or even burned alive.

2) Acid attacks: Acid attacks are a prevalent issue in Pakistan where on average 150 women suffer from acid attacks every year. Even though their frequency has been decreased after new strict regulations and harsh punishments. According to Acid Survivors Foundation most of the cases of Acid attack are as a result of escalated domestic abuse.

3) Honor Killings: The worst form of Domestic abuse in Honor killings which is an issue that is prevalent in the rural areas of Pakistan. Most women who suffer from honor killings are often alleged to have an extramarital affair which becomes the basis for their killing.

Overall, Domestic Abuse is a problem which is widespread in Pakistan and unless the government doesn’t enforce the rules in place the problem will continue to grow.


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